Gordon Ramsay hits back at fans who troll his grilled cheese recipe

Gordon Ramsay has made a bold comeback after his infamous "medium rare" grilled cheese debacle by unveiling a new recipe that involves an astonishing twist. Responding to the criticism he faced three years ago for his grilled cheese fail, the chef has showcased a new approach that includes the use of a supercar engine.

The original recipe posted to his YouTube channel in 2020, left many fans unimpressed. One wrote in the comments: “For years, he called people an idiot sandwich. Now he actually showed the world how to make one.”

Another added: “Impressive that he managed to not only fail to melt the cheese, but also simultaneously burn the bread. Truly the work of a professional.”

A third quipped: “My man really managed to cook a medium rare grilled cheese,” while a fourth wrote: “I like how he cut the sandwich in half, realised it wasn't melted in the middle, then cut it into a fourth so he doesn't have to eat the whole thing of burnt bread and cold cheese blocks.”

In a TikTok video shared with his fans, Gordon, 56, humorously acknowledged the backlash he received for his previous grilled cheese attempt and aimed to redeem himself with a culinary creation that left fans intrigued.

Gordon told his TikTok viewers: “Last time I made a grilled cheese, you guys absolutely pummelled me.

“So I'd like to redeem myself and give you a grilled cheese like no other.”

The twist in the recipe? Ramsay decided to use the engine of an Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar to heat the sandwich.

Dubbing it a "grilled cheese like no other," Gordon took the sandwich, which featured common ingredients, and placed it on the V12, 1200-horsepower engine of the luxury car. After taking the supercar for a spin, Gordon showcased the melted cheese in his sandwich, indicating the success of his unique cooking approach.

However the sandwich still produced mixed reviews from fans. One pointed out: “Gordon the bread was already toasted.”

Another laughed: “Well, that's one way to do it, lol.”

A third added: “* wants to make a grilled cheese* … step one: buy an Aston Martin V12.”

While a fourth praised his efforts: “he finally did it he finally made a grilled cheese that melted.”

Gordon’s appreciation of supercars goes well beyond their cheese-melting abilities, having recently attended the British Grand Prix at Silverstone with daughter Holly Ramsay and her boyfriend Adam Peaty.

Holly recently made her romance with the Olympic swimmer red-carpet official, taking him on a date to the launch of her dad's new Manchester restaurant Lucky Cat.

"Holly is a gorgeous girl and Adam sparked up a conversation on social media," a source told The Sun of the pair. "He was liking a lot of her photographs on Instagram and he’s now made a move."

"They have been seeing each other for around a month and Adam is made up," they continued. "Holly invited Adam to spend time with her at the house owned by her dad (TV chef) Gordon and mum Tana."

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