Graham Norton: The anti-Sussex British media has ‘deified’ Prince William & Kate

Graham Norton is a brilliant interviewer and talk-show host in the UK. He’s from Ireland but I believe he’s been London-based for decades. Graham is currently on a book tour in America, and that tour included a stop at Watch What Happens Live. Like, I hope Andy Cohen is ashamed of his interview skills, because Graham is so much better. Still, you can see that Graham enjoys being the one answering the questions for a change, and during the WWHL after-show, Graham got a question about Piers Morgan, which led to Cohen asking him about Prince Harry and Meghan. Skip to the 2:30 mark if you just want to see Graham talking about the Sussexes.

Andy Cohen asks him, “Since you can speak for all Brits, what would you say is the overriding feeling about Harry and Meghan over there at this point?” Norton responds:

“It’s difficult. I think in the press it’s very kind of anti them, and it’s been a gift to [Prince] William and [Princess] Kate because now they are, like, deified. They can do no wrong. I mean, Kate can do and hit and run and it would be fine because she’s such a lovely person… But do regular people care that much? I don’t think they do. I think they just think, ‘Let them live their lives.’”

[Via Page Six]

The hit-and-run comment is sooo shady given that Duchess Sophie’s motorcade literally ran down and killed an 81-year-old woman and the story was only around for a few weeks before the British media was back to its regularly scheduled program of Sussex-hate and Sussex-obsession. It actually makes me believe that the British media knows about a lot of genuine CRIMES committed by the royals, crimes which the media ignores completely.

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