Heritage douche: Prince William ‘has no ego at all. He doesn’t seek the limelight’

For months, the Heritage Foundation has spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to get their hands on Prince Harry’s American immigration/visa records. They’ve sued DHS and repeatedly gotten their “case” thrown out of court. Heritage’s operatives openly brief the British media about their attempts to get Harry deported back to Britain, and whenever DHS slaps back at them, Heritage’s Nile Gardiner runs to the Mail and the Telegraph to mock and smear Harry. Gardiner is a British MAGA, basically – he’s a British guy attached to Heritage, all part of the unholy Tory-MAGA alliance. Well, Gardiner also had some big thoughts about Prince William’s New York flop trip.

Nile Gardiner, a US-based foreign policy expert and Royal Family enthusiast has poured praise on how William conducts himself but lashed out at Harry and Meghan. He told Daily Express US: “Prince William, to his great credit, is a very humble figure. He is very low and lives a life of service to the country – he understands the gravitas of his role. William dedicates his life to preparing for the role of being king and understands the significance of that. He epitomizes the role of a public servant in the truest sense, and there is much to be admired in that approach.”

“The Prince of Wales has no ego at all. He doesn’t seek the limelight or glory, whereas Harry and Meghan do seek the spotlight, as is especially the case with Meghan, and I think we saw that last week at the Invictus Games. William carries out his duties with a sense of service and that is definitely not the case with Harry and Meghan, especially not the case with Meghan.”

Mr Gardiner also believes William’s trip and how he is received by the American public won’t be affected by the absence of his wife. He continued: “Princess Kate is also a very popular figure in the US and William is probably more widely known to Americans, but her absence on this US trip won’t make a huge difference.”

[From The Daily Express]

I mean… William is not a selfless person who puts the needs of others ahead of his own. He is a deeply selfish, self-centered, egotistical, violent psycho who assaulted his brother and tried to drive his sister-in-law to suicide, all because he was jealous that people weren’t paying attention to HIM. William is also tremendously weak, stupid and petty, and this New York trip was just William throwing a tantrum about how he wanted to do everything Harry did and he wanted the exact same photo-ops too.

Something to keep your eye on as all of this falls apart is the fact that William is the poster boy for this kind of transatlantic right-wing derangement. William is being used as an explicitly political figure, a representative of traditionalism, anti-wokeism, anti-inclusivity, anti-diversity, and anti-modernity. The people who hold up Will and Kate as their perfect Aryan prince and princess are the same ones who are mad whenever William deviates from the conservative agenda. Also: it’s been clear for a long time that there is real money behind the Sussex hate campaign, and that money shows that there is a larger political agenda against Harry.

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