Israel Festivalgoer Shani Louk Mother Says She's Still Alive, Body Paraded By Hamas

Shani Louk

Israel festivalgoer Shani Louk is alive, according to her mother … this after her naked body was paraded through the streets and spat on by Hamas terrorists.

Louk’s mother, Ricarda, said Tuesday that her family has received information that claims the 22-year-old is alive — citing unnamed Palestinian sources as the origin of the info.

She told German news outlets that her daughter is currently in a Gaza hospital with serious head injuries … and is asking the German government to act quickly to get her out of the conflict zone, adding “Every minute counts.”

As we reported, Ricarda was pleading for anyone with information about her daughter to come forward … after seeing the brutal video of Louk’s naked body being paraded and spat on in the back of a Hamas pickup truck.

Shani Louk

Ricarda was holding out hope for Louk, however — claiming her daughter appeared to be unconscious in the clip, not dead. She did confirm that it was Louk in the video, saying she identified her by her tattoos and dreadlocks.

Shani Louk

Remember, Louk was at the Tribe of Nova music festival close to the Gaza Strip on Saturday when Hamas attackers swarmed the event … massacring those in the crowd and taking people like Louk hostage.

Video showed Louk smiling and dancing at the festival — not long before Hamas started the gruesome takeover.

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