ITV Love Islands Tyrique Hyde blasts trolls as he opens up on Ella Thomas relationship

Love Island star Tyrique Hyde has hit out at the trolling he's received as he opened up on his relationship "struggles" with Ella Thomas after it was reported that the couple secretly "split up" only three months after the summer edition of the show ended.

Tyrique, 24, and Ella, 23, were runners-up on this year's series, coming third in the final, under winners Sammy Root and Jess Harding and second place stars Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki.

While Whitney and Lochan are still going strong, Sammy and Jess called it quits on their relationship in the weeks after leaving the Spanish villa.

Now Tyrique and Ella's relationship is said to have come under immense strain, as Tyrique declared that the truth of the couple's reality is strictly between them.

Speaking on Capital Xtra, Tyrique shared: “Our relationship is between us, what goes on behind closed doors, it’s only us two. But people like to put in their little input in the DMs sometimes, in the request on the social media. It’s jarring.

The star went on to say that the amount of trolling he and Ella have received over their partnership is difficult, especially because he's not sure what people are trying to achieve.

"I don’t know what they’re trying to do, I think they’re just sitting at home with their Twitter fingers going crazy," the footballer commented.

Tyrique also addressed how "hard" it's been since leaving the villa as Ella is his first ever proper girlfriend.

"Obviously first relationship is hard because I’m not used to it but it’s going well, I’m enjoying it and I’m learning on the job sort of thing," the star admitted. "But like you said – a lot of people is involved in it. It’s definitely more difficult when a lot of people are involved in your relationship, especially when it’s your first one.

"I’m a strong guy, I’ll get through it," the reality TV star added.

In the wake of Jess and Sammy's split after the villa, Ella weighed in on how she compares hers and Tyrique's relationship in October, insisting that it didn't make her "feel any type of way".

She also explained that part of the reason she believes her and Tyrique can face their problems and make things work is down to them always being "compatible".

"Even if not for Love Island, he’s the type of guy I would date on the outside," Ella said at the time. "I’m the type of girl he would date on the outside. We always knew it was going to make sense when we got out anyway.

“Other people, it’s like you kind of meet in there and form something in the bubble, but when you get into the real world it can just be different," the Scottish star added.

According to reports Ella and Tyrique had struggled to make the distance in their relationship work, so quietly called it quits a while ago.

While Ella remains in Scotland and Tyrique is based in London, the pair are said to be doing their best to "make it work" once more.

"Ella and Ty split in secret but got back together and it's been like that for a few weeks now, they are very on and off," a source told the Mail Online.

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