Jess Wright rushes son Presley, one, to hospital after days of illness

Jess Wright, the former TOWIE star, had to rush her one year old son Presley to hospital due to a "persistent" medical issue.

She shared with her fans on social media: "Day 46066 in the poorly household. Ended up going to AandE last night because his cough wouldn't let up and he already had a steroid three days prior. He's now on antibiotics.

"The 4.20am wake ups aren't getting easier."

Jess welcomed son Presley with her businessman husband William Lee-Kemp in May last year.

Earlier this year, Jess opened up about her struggle with postnatal depression, describing it as "scary" and "debilitating".

On Giovanna Fletcher's podcast, Happy mum Happy Baby, she said: "Because I thought when they said that it was just like 'Oh you might feel down for a couple of days because it's called the baby blues.' I'm like, 'You're just totally disguising post-natal depression, which is debilitating'."

Jess shared: "I had that for a month, and then all of a sudden it just lifted… It's more scary because A, I didn't know how long it was going to last.. Some women suffer for like 6 months and some more. And B, I just couldn't enjoy anything with him."

She advised listeners to 'tell someone how you're feeling' as they won't 'judge you'. Jess added: "They're always going to be there for you if they love you. And there are so many others who are suffering."

Opening up to OK! in a new interview, Jess spoke about adding to her brood and why she would like to renew her vows.

On having more children, she said: "I’ve got three siblings and I feel like Presley should definitely have a sibling. He’s crying out for people to play with, so having a baby might be a lovely idea. I can’t just be a mum of one, so who knows? But the clock is ticking, so I should probably get a move on."

The TV star also said that a wedding vow renewal might happen, but not for a few years.

She revealed: "I have said in the past that due to it all getting interrupted with the pandemic and stuff, it was so stressful. So I would love to do another renewal of the vows, but potentially at the five-year mark. So we’ll see how it goes."

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