Kanye West & Bianca Censori Really Are Married! Secret Documents Prove It!

Turns out the wedding bells WERE real! Kanye West and Bianca Censori really did get married! Legally!

Back in January, reports claimed the rapper and his new muse got married in a secret ceremony in Beverly Hills, but because there was no record of a wedding certificate, it didn’t seem like they’d made the relationship legal in the eyes of the government. But it turns out they did!

DailyMail.com discovered the pair tied the knot under a “confidential marriage” license in California — meaning it was totally legit but kept out of the public record! On Friday, the outlet shared all the details from the no-longer-secret document, noting the 46-year-old and 28-year-old officially said “I do” on December 20, 2022 — that’s just ONE MONTH after he finalized his split from Kim Kardashian! Damn, that’s fast!

According to the license, the ceremony occurred in Palo Alto, AKA Silicon Valley — not 90210, as previously reported. The specific location of the event remains a mystery. They filed under their full names, with the rapper going by Ye since he’d officially changed his moniker by that point.

As for why they went such a private route, a friend of the couple told the outlet:

“Ye has been a megastar for two decades and counting, and his first marriage was to someone who lives almost full time in front of a camera. Bianca and Ye have a totally different vibe. They are very private, very affectionate and totally devoted to each other.”

Ummm… not sure we’d say they’re that private! They have LOVED stepping out and causing a scene this summer! Just sayin’!

Anyways, the friend went on to discuss the nuptials — and even they don’t know everything that happened, noting:

“I think they both enjoy carving out time that’s just for them. For that reason they’ve been extremely hush-hush about the specifics of their wedding day. I don’t think anyone besides the pair of them know exactly how it went down. They are besotted with each other. I can assure you they are very much married.”

Innerestingly, one in five marriages in the state are classified as “confidential” so they’re not alone in this. But despite the down-low aspect of it, it’s real — and if they split, they will have to divorce to end the marriage.

It’s unclear when they first linked up — but it must’ve happened fast! The pair have known each other since November 2020 when Ye hired Bianca to work as an architectural designer for Yeezy. Kim filed for divorce in February 2021 and after dating a string of models, the Praise God artist was spotted with Bianca in January. But at this point, little did we know, they were already husband and wife!

While the Australian’s family was said to be excited for her at the start of the marriage, her friends have voiced concern about the way the Grammy winner has been treating her. Supposedly he makes her dress that way AND doesn’t allow her to speak. Like she’s a living doll he’s having follow him around. On top of all that, she’s legally bound to him? Ick. Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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