Kate Gosselin & Daughter Hannah Have ALREADY Fallen Out Again!

The Gosselin drama never seems to end.

Ever since Jon and Kate Gosselin’s nasty split in 2009, the family has been fractured, seemingly beyond repair. When Hannah and Collin moved in with their father, they ended up having no relationship with their mom OR their other siblings, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, Leah, Mady, and Cara. However, there seemed to be hope in the family mending the fences — at least when it came to Hannah.

Jon previously revealed that his daughter reconnected with her other family members on the sextuplets’ 19th birthday in May. Kate even attended Hannah’s high school graduation a month later. Things seemed to be on the right track for the mom and daughter. However, that apparently did not last — it turns out the mother-daughter duo are once again feuding.

A source told The US Sun Kate and Hannah had a falling out again due to the comments that the teenager made in Vice’s Dark Side of the 2000s episode about the Gosselin family. In the docuseries, Hannah and Collin opened up about their mother’s treatment of him following the divorce from Jon. Her brother accused Kate of abuse, saying she took her “anger and frustration” out on him. Meanwhile, Hannah claimed their mom completely separated Collin from their siblings and punished him for acting out before institutionalizing him:

“He would be separated from us. Like he would not get to come and play outside with us. He would eat dinner at different times than us.”

Kate denied the accusations, claiming he was “very troubled” and had “unpredictable behavior & violent tendencies.” As for Hannah? The 48-year-old reality star obvi wasn’t happy with her daughter’s remarks. So now things are rocky between them again. Ugh. The Sun insider explained:

“Hannah has worked hard to have a relationship with her mother, but sadly Kate has never treated Hannah well after she went to live with her father. This most recent outburst from Kate has not helped their current relationship.”

So sad. The bright side in this situation, though? The source noted that Hannah “will continue to try to build healthy relationships with her siblings” — despite being on bad terms with Kate:

“Now that her siblings will finally have some space from Kate, they will have more of an opportunity to thrive as brothers and sisters.”

But when it comes to Collin? Unsurprisingly, things have not changed. The source mentioned that Kate and her son still have “no relationship.”

It’s sad to hear Kate and Hannah are unable to work through their differences after taking such a huge step in trying to rebuild their mother-daughter relationship. Hopefully, things will change once they’ve had time to calm down. But if the situation doesn’t get better, we hope the drama won’t get in the way of Hannah reconnecting with her siblings again.

Reactions? Are you surprised the two have already fallen out again?

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