‘Kate has never put foot wrong – I cheer every time she puts her children first’

The Princess of Wales is highly regarded for her interests in physical wellbeing, children's development and mental health. And, as a result, she has made a name for herself for her impressive work in the field of Early Years Development.

Kate launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in June last year and set up the successful 'Big 5' survey which helped us to learn about the first five years of a child's life.

As a result of this interest, Kate's approach to parenting is always one that will work in her children's favour and both she and Prince William will never let their official duties overshadow the young royals' needs.

This is something which has been praised time and again, with one expert claiming that the fact the Princess has never put a foot wrong publicly gives her extra leeway when it comes to putting Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis above her official duties.

Leading royal expert Jennie Bond spoke to OK! about how important Kate's role as a mum is in securing the next generation of royalty as she prepares to miss out on joining Prince William in Singapore for the Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony in order to help Prince George through his upcoming exams.

She explained: "Kate and William are the future of the monarchy, and it’s vital that she is not driven to resent the strictures that places on her. So it is crucial that now as Princess of Wales she is allowed the space to fulfil and enjoy her other great role in life: being a mum.

"Our late Queen wasn’t given that freedom because she was so young when her father died; Camilla wasn‘t even part of the royal family when her children were young."

The former BBC royal correspondent added: "Kate is a modern, dedicated and hands-on mum and I think she is showing us that being a parent is one of the most important roles in life.

"Management teams across the country would do well to take that on board and allow some flexibility where possible to let men and women be the best parents they can.

"I cheer every time I hear that Kate is putting her children first, and shame on anyone who criticises her for doing so."

Jennie's comments come after PR expert Eddie Coram James told the Daily Express US that Kate having avoided scandal in the 12 years since she married into the Firm has secured her a bit more freedom when it comes to not attending official engagements.

Coram James said: "The Princess of Wales has remained broadly controversy-free for years. She’s kept her head down, not made a fuss, worked hard and dedicated herself to good causes. Given the context, of course, the press has given her a free pass to the benefit of the doubt.

"When she says she wants to miss Earthshot to focus on parenting, people trust that that is probably the case."

Speaking about how the couple came out on top after the way they handled Prince Harry and Meghan's many personal attacks, the expert added: "Because of their ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach, and by not rising or taking the bait, the efforts backfired, and the Wales’s arguably came out looking better than ever.

"As the public broadly sympathised with them and felt that their response showed poise, maturity and dignity, they not only rode the storm but flew above it.

"And, because the Wales’s have not had a controversial year, but instead have just kept their heads down and focused on work, the public is more than happy to allow them some time off to focus on being good parents."

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