Lola Brooke Serves Thanksgiving Asian Fusion to 200 Kids With Parents In Prison

Lola Brooke is in a giving mood this week … the “Don’t Play With It” rapper popped up in the Brooklyn neighborhood that molded her to ensure a couple hundred kids have a yummy Thanksgiving!!!

TMZ Hip Hop got this video of Lola and her Team 80 labelmate Bleezy personally serving roughly 200 kids from the Children of Promise organization … which mentors and provides therapeutic empowerment services to children whose parents are incarcerated.

Lola partnered with Sei Less Restaurant and its co-owner Dara Mirjahangiry to have the kids try something different this go around … which was dishes with an Asian fusion twist that surely expanded their palate.

There were smiles around as everyone rushed Lola for selfies, and we’re told Lolo’s mom was also there dropping some knowledge for the kids to grow on.

Lola’s a fan of dishing and taking solid advice — the last time we spoke to her, she was asking Lori Harvey to teach her tips for navigating the high-class dating game.

Obviously, Lola was dispensing far more important lessons than that for the young’uns.

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