Maneskin Release New Single 'Honey (Are U Coming?)'

Italian rock band Maneskin recently released their new single,” Honey (Are U Coming?),” along with an accompanying lyric video.

Maneskin will perform the song live during their Rush World Tour and at the MTV Video Music Awards, scheduled to be held on September 12.

Speaking about the origin of the song, Maneskin bassist Victoria De Angelis said, “We wrote the song right after the last tour, we still had a lot of energy from the touring and the travelling. We wrote it in between London and LA. We’re really happy with the result and we think it’s something quite new for us.”

“It’s the story of someone who has no gender or anything, you decide whoever it is,” according to frontman Damiano David.

“Find someone else and they can see in their eyes that there’s some sadness that they feel out of place and it’s an invitation from one person to another to join them into this new adventure without knowing what they’re actually going to find, but just enjoy the adventure,” he added.

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