Michael Caine slams intimacy coordinators ‘In my day you got on with it’

Best Sellers: Aubrey Plaza and Michael Caine star in comedy

Sir Michael Caine admitted being relieved that he never had to have people “interfering” back at the height of his career when he would film love scenes.

The British actor shared that everything about creating romance on screen has “changed” since he was playing a heartthrob on screen in the 60s.

When asked about working with intimacy coordinators, Sir Michael told MailOnline: “Really? Seriously? What are they?

“We never had that in my day. Thank God I’m 90 and don’t play lovers anymore is all I can say.

“In my day you just did the love scene and got on with it without anyone interfering. It’s all changed.”

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As he reflected on other challenges of modern-day life, the actor stated: “It’s dull. Not being able to speak your mind and not being able to call anyone ‘darling.’

“It’s hard. I like to learn from friends who are younger than me.”

Sir Michael has been married since 1973 to his wife Shakira Caine and the pair are often spotted out in London enjoying date nights together.

Shakira confirmed last year that Sir Michael had undergone a major operation at a London hospital.

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“He had a back operation quite recently,” she told the Daily Mail. “He had spinal stenosis.”

However, the former model confirmed that “the operation was fantastic”, adding: “He’ll be up and dancing again soon”.

The NHS describes spinal stenosis as a condition that narrows the spinal canal and can cause back and leg pain.

Surgery is usually recommended only when non-surgical treatments have not been effective.

Appearing on BBC Radio’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review programme earlier this year, the actor said that his most recent film Best Sellers is likely his last.

The mid-budget comedy-drama, in which he stars as a cranky, reclusive author butting heads with a modern publisher played by Aubrey Plaza, has “turned out to be what is my last part really,” he said.

The two-time winner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar (for Hannah and Her Sisters and The Cider House Rules) remarked: “I haven’t worked for two years, and I have a spine problem which affects my legs so I can’t walk very well.”

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