Missing F-35B Crash Witness Describes Sound of Fighter Jet Going Down

A South Carolina man will never forget the day a military fighter jet smashed down dangerously close to his home … and you will never forget his description of the crash.

Randolph White — who’s now destined for Internet meme fame — says he was in his bathroom in rural Williamsburg County Sunday afternoon, just having a shave, when he heard something “between a screech and a whistle.”

And then, he recreated the sound for WBTW News13 by unleashing the most amazing banshee-like squeal!!! You really just gotta see and hear it to believe it.

Anyway, ol’ RW says that sound was followed by a loud boom, and he thought … “What in the world is that?” The answer is an unmanned F-35B stealth fighter jet that had completely disappeared from the military’s radar when the pilot ejected Sunday during a training flight.

Randolph didn’t see the jet, so he didn’t immediately report it — but changed his mind after thinking it might have been a meteorite or a plane flying too low.

Military police and recovery teams have roped off the massive debris field left by the $100 million weapon going down — and thankfully, no one on the ground was hurt … especially Randolph, who’s a freakin’ national treasure.

Screech on, Randy. Screech on.

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