Prince George’s very meaningful £18,000 gift from grandad King Charles

King Charles has showered his grandchildren with special gifts over the years, and with no expenses spared, the youngsters have certainly received some rather lavish birthday and Christmas present over the years.

The King has five grandchildren – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from Prince William, and Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet from Prince Harry.

He is also the step-grandfather of Queen Camilla's five grandchildren -Lola and Freddie Parker-Bowles and Eliza, Gus and Louis Lopes.

And while they likely have received some lavish gifts from their grandfather, or step-grandfather, its one that cost a whopping £18,000 that may have secured him the title of best grandparent.

When Prince George, the King's first grandchild, turned one, Charles gifted him with a Victorian-style ‘Shepherd’s hut’, which was installed at Charles and Camilla's private Gloucestershire home, Highgrove House.

The lavish hut included everything from a wood-burning stove to a day bed, and is thought to still be a popular place for the Wales children to play while visiting the estate.

Highgrove is also home to a treehouse that was built for Prince William's seventh birthday in 1989 and has since been renovated for his own children.

And it's not just Highgrove that features a lavish dedication to Prince George, with Charles having also added the Prince George’s Wood to Balmoral Castle.

Discussing the woods during an appearance on The One Show back in 2021, the then-Prince Charles explained: "This was a rather empty field that the farm didn’t need anymore.

"The great thing was that I managed to plant it the same year that my grandson was born, the eldest, George, so I thought I’d call it Prince George’s Wood. It is really for autumn colour and a bit of spring.

"But autumn is the magic up here. So finding all the interesting trees and shrubs that turn an interesting colour is half the battle."

And while King Charles may be a pro at gift-giving, this is something that may not be true of all the royals, with Prince Harry having previously revealed that the late Princess Margaret once gifted him a Biro with a rubber fish around it.

Although one royal who may be happy with smaller gifts is Zara and Mike Tindall's young son Lucas, with Mike having previously revealed that his son wanted a bag of frozen peas for last year's Christmas.

During a podcast appearance, the rugby champ turned royal quipped: "I tell you what you can do – just get a bag of frozen peas, because that's all that Lucas wants. Pull the freezer out, bag of frozen peas, pour it on the floor.

""He's got a playroom full of stuff – not interested. Go to the fridge, take all the milk out, try and crack the bottle, spill it all on the floor…"

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