Prince Harry & Meghan went to Beyonce’s LA concert on Friday night

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex went to Beyonce’s Renaissance concert in LA on Friday night. That’s it, that’s the whole story. Beyonce knows and likes Harry and Meghan, having met them at the Lion King premiere in 2019. Beyonce and Jay-Z famously paid tribute to “Queen Meghan” at the BRIT Awards in 2019 as well. Beyonce contacted Meghan after the Oprah interview in 2021, and for all we know, Beyonce, Meghan and Harry are probably hanging out all the time. So, obviously, Meg and Harry showed up for their good friend Beyonce.

I’m including some photos and videos below. Obviously, the British media is trying to make it sound like Harry was dreadfully bored the entire time, when really, he appeared to be checking his phone for a moment, perhaps to ensure that he recorded his favorite moment. People are doing too much to suggest that Harry A) doesn’t like the Beyonce concert or B) that he was too subdued. Like, Harry is part of the Beyhive. He is a card-carrying hive member. I interpret his whole vibe as a man who was concentrating very hard on Beyonce, perhaps softly singing his favorite lyrics. He might have been annoyed that Meghan and Abigail Spencer were drowning out his favorite songs.

Meghan, Harry, Abigail and Doria all got Beyonce’s memo about wearing silver to the concert and I’m sure they all did a good “look around everybody on mute” freeze. I love the way Harry interpreted the “wear silver” dress code. He and Meghan coordinated for Queen Bey. PS… Harry also went to soccer match in LA on Sunday (he saw Messi play!). We will have that story tomorrow!

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Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Netflix.

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