Saint West Flips Off Paparazzi Cameras – And Kim Kardashian Scolds Him For It!

Saint West is letting his thoughts about paparazzi be known… and they’re not happy! Nor is his mom…

The 7-year-old stepped out with momma Kim Kardashian on Friday in El Lay. They were leaving his basketball game when photogs descended. But either Saint didn’t have a good day shooting on the court, or he was sick of the shooting going on all around him, because he FLIPPED OFF the cameras on the way out!

That’s not a way to endear oneself to the media. Of course, he’s just seven years old, so he doesn’t know that whole dynamic yet, how this is all part of Mommy’s business model. But that’s the other thing. He’s seven! And he’s already flipping the bird?! Jeez!!

Snaps started popping up on the internet over the weekend that showed North West‘s little brother deciding to share his very visible frustration with being followed by long lenses outside of his game. And the worst part (for Saint, at least) is that his famous momma was right there with him. Not getting away with it, little buddy!! And yes, she did scold him for it! Sort of…

After Saint flipped the bird to clicking cameras, his 42-year-old momma (briefly) reprimanded him for the gesture. She reached out and pawed at Saint’s face and hand, as if to say “get that out of here.” The scolding wasn’t super emphatic, though. So maybe Kim low-key co-signed Saint’s open frustration with being followed by photogs?! Ha!!

FWIW, back in 2021, none other than Nori herself was the first KarJenner kid to get on the bird-flipping trend. That year, during the Kardashian family Christmas card shoot, Kim’s oldest gave cameras the one-finger salute! What a GRINCH!! Kim told the world about it during the premiere season of The Kardashians on Hulu, laughing over the issue but also frustrated with North’s actions back then:

“ always cry . Nobody gets along. Most of the photos I saw were unusable because North was sticking out her middle finger. … It’s days like this when I really just need to lock myself in the room by myself for just a good 30 minutes. It’s a lot. It’s just a lot being a mom.”

From North two years ago to Saint now, that whole fam is flipping out! LOLz! Momager Kris Jenner better start working her PR magic for the next gen!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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