Sarah Ferguson addresses whether Royal Family could reunite for Christmas

Sarah, Duchess of York appeared on ITV's Lorraine today (Tuesday, 5 December) and spoke about how she would like to see "love and forgiveness" in all families this Christmas.

When Lorraine asked if we’ll ever see the Royal family come together again because ‘Christmas is a time to bring people together’, Sarah was quick to offer her agreement.

Dressed in a suitably festive green velvet blazer and plaid scarf, the Duchess said, "If we watch enough of these Christmas movies and sing enough of these Christmas songs… Can we just all have love, forgiveness and happiness and joy?”

She added: “I feel strongly the greatest gift you can give today is understanding, no judgement, no race, creed, colour or any other domination, just love. There’s no better gift than love.

“People say to me, you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, Fergie or Sarah, you wear it all over your body because that’s what I am. I really believe you can give love.”

Lorraine asked if she minded people calling her Fergie and she said: “I like it, I like anything!”

As for how the Duchess will be spending the festive period, it is expected that she may join Prince Andrew, her two daughters and the rest of the Royal Family at Sandringham House for Christmas dinner.

After their separation in 1992, Sarah was not invited to spend the day with her family and instead would eat alone at the secluded Wood Farm cottage on the Estate.

Last Christmas marked the first time in 30 years that the Duchess spent the day at the main house, thanks to her former brother-in-law's more warm and friendly approach.

Sarah, who is currently recovering from breast cancer gave an update on her health, revealing: “I’m doing well… I’m all about positivity and I feel the potential of optimism is what I would love for everyone to come away from this show with.”

Speaking more about her initial diagnosis, Sarah explained: “[At first] you turn your cheek to joy, you turn your cheek to optimism. You’re diagnosed, you’re sitting in the car and you think, ‘That’s it, I’ve finished’.

"And then of course, the nurses, the support, the team come round. The Royal Free Hospital and Edward VII were incredible to me – all the nurses and teamwork.”

She then added that her daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have been a huge support: “The girls and I are a tripod together – and the grandchildren.”

Sarah is looking after the late Queen’s Corgis and also shared an update on how they are, saying: “There’s about seven dogs – five Norfolks and two Corgis and the Norfolks tend to be a little territorial with the Corgis and the Corgis are bigger, so there’s a few punch ups. But they’re very fine.

“I remember the Queen used to break up a Digestive biccie and when I break it, they come running because they hear it – her little hands… so sweet.”

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