Shade Or No Shade? Olivia Wilde BLASTED For Criticizing Taylor Swift's Romance With Travis Kelce!

Well, welcome back to the discourse, Olivia Wilde. Clearly this is where she’s meant to be, right?

The Don’t Worry Darling director waded into the national conversation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s burgeoning romance on Thursday by sharing a tweet to her own Instagram Stories that reads:

“I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist.”

Huh. She’s clearly referring to the bump in ratings and general interest Taylor is giving to the NFL of all things. Suddenly Tay’s fans are watching games — something we can tell for sure by the record-breaking ratings.

Olivia was not the original author of the tweet, that would be a self-described “climate activist” going by the name Katja Herbers. (We no longer have any way of telling if she is who she says she is, of course, with Twitter being the hellscape it is. Sorry, with X being the hellscape it is.) But Katja made her intentions a little clearer with a followup tweet, writing:

“Taylor would join her scientist at an end fossil fuels rally and the world would be saved”

It is a lot of power Taylor wields, that’s for sure. She posted a link to a voter registration website — and the result was a spike of 35,000 new voters registered in a single day! Katja’s idea, cosigned by Olivia, is how great it would be for Taylor to give that kind of bump to the climate science community. We get it. It’s cute and all. Certainly coming from a climate activist.

But what about coming from… a fellow female celeb? That’s where it gets a little problematic for fans…

See, we’re sure Olivia hated everyone scrutinizing her relationship drama when that was the biggest story in celeb news. So she’s in kind of an odd position to be commenting. Especially when the comment can be seen as shady from her… especially especially when it comes from an ex’s ex!

First, it dehumanizes Taylor. Like she’s just a commodity, a brand, not an actual human being who really is being wooed by a hunky guy she just met. Like, does she think Taylor owes it to everyone to date the right person? Instead of a football player? Pretty demeaning coming from a fellow star who should know what it’s like to be treated that way. We mean, how did she feel when folks were speculating she was dating Harry Styles to stay relevant? It wasn’t a fair thing to suggest, but it got said. How different is it really?

And oh yeah, in case you forgot, both these women dated Harry Styles! Speaking of which… Olivia is in the exact same dating pool as Taylor! Literally one degree of separation from her, in fact! We mean… unlike Katja Q. Public, Olivia could also choose to date a climate scientist and boost interest in the field. Why doesn’t she go do that? Oh, maybe because relationships don’t work that way? Love doesn’t work that way? And if you think it does for Taylor, you might kiiiiiiinda be implying she’s just making her relationship decisions for PR? Just maybe?

Again, we didn’t read this much into it when it was coming from some climate activist — but it hits different coming from a movie star who dated a guy a few years after Taylor did. Right??

Don’t take our word for it — check out some of the strongest reactions from fans:

“Olivia Wilde posting this when she hasnt done a thing for climate change, is a performative activist..attaches her name to any big name celeb.. what a freaking fake af hypocrite.. keep Taylor swifts name out of your mouth loser., and I wish OW would get her own life.”

“I get it but like also…who is olivia wilde to say s**t. I dont remember harry styles restoring the ozone when they were dating.”

“olivia wilde is rlly THAT jobless she’s s**t talking and making misogynistic comments about taylor on her insta story???? so much for being a ‘feminist’”

“olivia wilde is so lame talking about taylor should date a climate scientist as if she wasn’t flying in harry’s private jet to every single show”

“Taylor Swift catching wind of that Olivia Wilde shade about to call up her James Dean Daydream for a little 1989 TV promo. She’ll be addressing climate change via eco friendly Lime Bike sesh with their mutual ex in 3… 2…”

But hey, maybe Olivia didn’t mean any of that by it. Maybe she didn’t think too hard about it at all, just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of saying YEAH CLIMATE SCIENCE GOOD, FOOTBALL BAD! Maybe she was virtue signaling. Maybe she just thought it was funny.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Shade? Or no shade??

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