Sharon Osbourne reignites row with X Factor co-star Danni Minogue in savage swipe

Sharon Osbourne has taken a savage swipe at Dannii Minogue, reigniting their old feud.

In a new interview with Best Magazine, Sharon didn't hold back when discussing her former co-star on ITV's The X Factor, having previously discussed their feud in 2016.

The Mirror reports that the 71 year old music manager, who was a judge on the ITV talent show from 2004 until 2007, and then again in 2013, 2016 and 2017, shared her thoughts on Dannii, who served as a judge from 2007 to 2010. The pair only judged together for one season, but it was enough to spark tensions and backstage drama.

In the interview, Sharon claimed that Dannii had an issue with her due to her strong character. She also suggested that Dannii is 'a flirt' and gets on better with men.

Sharon, who once claimed Dannii's tears on the show weren't real, said: "We just have nothing in common. I love women but there are some who don't love other women. Dannii didn't care for me. Why? Possibly because some people don't like to hear the truth."

"Some women love to be around the guys. That's not me. I love men but a lot of men don't care for women like me. They don't like a woman with a reputation for being a ballbuster. Dannii's a flirt. Her way is not my way. The only thing we have in common is that we're both women!"

Former X Factor boss Simon Cowell also got a bashing, as Sharon insists they are far from close. She explained: "Simon Cowell's never been a friend. I thank him for giving me opportunities – I did well by him and he did well by me. But he's never been a buddy-buddy."

"Would I ring him for a chat? No, never. On the other hand, I love Nicole Scherzinger. I absolutely idolise her. I'm in awe of her talent. She's got the biggest heart, and amazing woman."

Former judges Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow were also mentioned by Sharon – but they were on the receiving end of positive praise. Sharon has long bashed Dannii in interviews as the pair famously did not get along.

Defending herself back in 2019, Dannii hit back at the MTV star, saying: "She (Osbourne) didn't like me, she made it very clear… I think it was something to do with me being an 'annoying mosquito and I should be squashed.' It was a lot more graphic than 'I don't like you.' I still don't really know why." She had previously said that Sharon and Louis made her feel uncomfortable.

Hazarding a guess at the root of Sharon's anger, Dannii added: "There were three judges and the show was running beautifully without adding a fourth one… Maybe she personally wasn't ready for it."

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