Sherri Shepherd Reveals She Got A Breast Reduction!

Sherri Shepherd is strutting her stuff!

The 56-year-old host just kicked off season two of her Emmy-nominated daytime talk show The Sherri Show, and she excitedly announced she got a breast reduction over the summer! She told her audience this week she’d been receiving uncool comments about her body for some time:

“My entire career, I get so many comments about my body and a lot of y’all kept saying, ‘Sherri, you’re too top heavy.’ And I would get comments like, ‘If you just got a boob job everything would be balanced.’ So guess what? I got my boobs done!”

She went on to reveal, however, she didn’t do this because of the haters! She did this for herself:

“I had a breast reduction over the summer, and in Season two, everything is going to be bigger — except these boobs. To be clear, I did not get this boob job because of all the comments. I got the boob job because I just wanted to see what it felt like to sleep on my stomach.”

Ha! Good for her!

The comedian added that large chests run in her family, and she felt like her boobs were her “best friends” so it was a bit of a struggle to say goodbye, but she’s got no regrets:

“I’m so happy that I did it. I was a 42DD … I thought I was carrying around the weight of the world — but really it was the weight of my boobs. All jokes aside, they were so heavy, I was slouching all the time. It started becoming really painful. My back was hurting very badly.”

And help her back, it has! The actress added that she feels so much “lighter” now:

“I feel better. I’m not gonna say I wish I had done this a while ago because timing is everything. God gave them to me, they served me well but now, as I get older, I can sit up straight.”

The Beauty Shop star even hilariously offered Drake her old bras, as she doesn’t need them anymore — a nod to his recent Instagram post where he showed off his collection of bras fans had thrown at him. The former The View host rolled a wheelbarrow of bras onstage and said:

“Drake likes big bras so much, I got a bunch of them he can have, ‘cause I am not using my bras anymore. Drake can have these bras. He can take all of them. Now can someone make sure Drake gets all of my bras.”


Ch-ch-check out the full video (below):

It’s so awesome to hear Sherri is doing so much better now! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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