Sinitta says she is having best sex of her life with new man

Sinitta has revealed that she is having the “best sex of her life” after thinking her “cooch” had died on her.

The 80s songstress, who celebrates her 60th birthday later this week, revealed she is dating a new man and is learning to embrace her sexuality again.

Best known for the 1987 hit So Macho, Sinitta, who famously dated Brad Pitt and Simon Cowell, told Closer Magazine that she no longer needs to “fake it”.

“I feel more confident sexually as a woman,” she said. “Even though my body is not as good as when I was 18, I’m much happier in my body now because you have a different kind of confidence.

“You’re not that insecure younger woman now. You’re a grown-ass woman and you know what you like in bed.

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“You know what feels good and what doesn’t and sex is genuinely really enjoyable then because nobody is having to fake it.”

Sinitta also revealed how she thought her “cooch” had died on her – but that was until she developed a new romance.

“It was nice not having the pressure of being in a relationship while I was going through the menopause,” she added.

“Although I did think, ‘Oh gosh, maybe my cooch has just died on me,’ but then, after a while, I genuinely started to feel an interest and a wanting or romance.”

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While she hasn’t disclosed the name of her new man yet, Sinitta did admit that they have been friends for years.

“Your best friends see you without your make-up and when you’re not looking very glamorous,” she continued.

“He’s seen me look my best and my worst, so we’ve already jumped through all those hurdles.”

The 59-year-old also revealed how her former flame and friend, music mogul Simon, has already given his seal of approval.

“[Simon] approves – and that’s a hard pass because Simon doesn’t give his approval easily,” she exclaimed, “At heart, Simon’s a big softie. He really likes him.”

The former singer, who shares children Zac and Magdalena, both 17, with ex-husband Andy Willner, also described menopause as an “interlude not a destination”.

Menopause is when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally, leading to hormone level changes in the body, with symptoms including hot flushes and lack of libido.

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