Stacey Solomon shares unusual dinner ingredient and leaves fans divided

Enjoying a cosy Sunday at home with her brood, Stacey Solomon took to social media on Sunday to give an insight into her relaxed day – which included cooking a typically British roast dinner.

As the TV personality, who has recently returned from a gorgeous holiday to Turkey, laid out her ingredients and snapped them for Instagram on Sunday, 27 August, there was one food on there that was sure to raise eyebrows, Portobello mushrooms.

Opting to whip up a roast chicken dinner, she shared a picture of the carrots, potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms on a wooden chopping board with her 5.7M followers, begging the question of whether the last ingredient belongs with such a meal.

The meal typically includes roasted meat, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnip, cabbage and accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, and gravy.

Despite dividing her fans with the addition of mushrooms, Stacey's roast dinner looked incredible as she placed it neatly on the table for her family, after they had enjoyed a relaxed woodland walk together earlier in the afternoon.

Former X Factor star Stacey is known for her DIY skills, home renovations and decluttering posts on social media, often giving fans an insight into her home, which she has dubbed Pickle Cottage.

And so it's no surprise that the star is set to launch her own homeware range this September, announcing the news recently as she prepares for the collection with George at Asda.

Appearing in a candid video, Stacey shared: “I'm actually really quite nervous! So I have been working on something that's really close to my heart.

“I've always wanted to do it but have never found the right person to do it with, the right opportunity to do it with and I finally did find the right brand and the right people that I wanted to work with and I can finally tell you that I've created my own homeware brand”.

“The reason I haven't done anything like this before is because I wanted to wait for the right opportunity to be able to work with a brand that aligns with my values to be able to really get involved in the process and not just like slap my name on stuff and put it out there.”

Stacey then explained that she was very hands-on in the creation process, adding: “I wanted to be a part of the design, the making, where it's made, how it's made, the packaging, every little detail”. She also shared a few sneak peaks on her Instagram stories, which showed plates, candles and blankets in autumnal hues.

Set to add to her estimated £5M net worth, she added: “I grew up like literally around the corner from Asda in Dagenham. My mum used to take us there every week, it was a trip out for us.

"Also, I remember on the X Factor, they were like ‘what will you do if you don't get through?’ and I was like, ‘it’s okay, there’s always Asda’! So it feels like full circle for me.

"It was really emotional to then be working with a company that was just such a massive part of my life.”

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