They're 'Less Passionate' Now? Kris Jenner Having Hard Time Keeping Kardashians On Board For More Hulu Seasons!

Will there come a day (soon??) when the Kardashians aren’t on our screens anymore?! Maybe!

The famous family has been a mainstay on TV for decades with the success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians, but the future is really up in the air now that Kris Jenner‘s daughters have found so much opportunity elsewhere! According to a network-level insider close to the family who spoke with The US Sun on Tuesday, the momager is desperate to keep the spin-off reality series running for years to come. Which makes sense! However, her offspring are “less passionate” these days. Uh-oh!!

Describing the predicament at length, the source explained:

“Kris’ position is very firm: she wants to keep the reality franchise going and she wants to keep working with all her daughters to do it. She’s been very firm on this point and it gave her a lot of power in the dealmaking with Hulu when they moved the franchise away from NBCUniversal.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie might get in the way of her dreams, they added:

“There is no bigger name in reality television than the Kardashians, and Kris wants this to go for ten more years, at a minimum. But everybody knows her daughters are far less passionate about the whole project, especially as their own business and family interests take more of their attention. Kris has been the one who kept the show going, not the girls. They have benefitted from it, to put it mildly!”

Oof! That sux for her! If only her grandkids were slightly older, she could just do another spin-off with them. LOLz! Interestingly, though, it’s not just the models’ lack of enthusiasm that might affect the future of the show — it also “costs twice as much now” on the streamer. The insider continued:

“Everybody involved makes a lot more money now at Hulu than they ever did at NBC and that’s the thing that is keeping the train running and keeping Kris’ daughters involved. Unquestionably, they all have better opportunities they can pursue elsewhere but the reality show is Kris’ project and she has turned it into a profit center. Now everybody is wondering if she can renew and grow their initial five-year deal or if it’s time to quit while they’re ahead.”

It’s hard to imagine they’d just stop after all this time! But with fans’ calling the show “boring” for its lack of drama, maybe they will decide to stop soon? It’s all going to depend on the deal, the confidant went on:

“It all comes down to Kris’ negotiating skills.”

Suddenly, we’re not so worried! Kris is a business mogul, so we’d expect she’d nail any future negotiations! What she really needs to focus on is making sure the SKIMS founder stays on board, the industry expert noted:

“If the money is right, that’s enough to get her daughters to stay, even if Kim suddenly becomes an important actress on other shows and movies, her foundation is this show and Kris’ guiding hand behind it, and where Kim goes, the rest of the family follows.”

Wow! It’s all up to Kim! Considering Kourt’s foot is halfway out the door already, it’ll be inneresting to see how this all plays out! In the meantime, the matriarch is taking steps to ensure her own legacy outside of the series. In a recent episode, she met with Academy Award nominee Brian Grazer to discuss making a documentary about her life. So, the future’s still bright for her! Reactions, Perezcious readers?!?

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