This Morning’s Josie Gibson welcomes OK! inside her home – with peacock decor and bed with a slide

Josie Gibson moved into her Bristol home with her five-year-old son, Reggie-James, in January 2022, but admits it’s taken her until now – with a little help from This Morning’s celebrity home stylist Georgina Burnett – to get it to a standard she’s happy with.

She exclusively tells OK! "It didn’t feel like home for a long time as it was a new build. It was completely empty.

"I had to get Georgina to make it feel more homely as I’m rubbish with turning bare spaces into something. It was a little bit soulless before, but now I love coming home.”

On her exclusive tour around her house for OK! viewers, Josie begins in the kitchen. She explains: “I do like everything organised, I like everything to have a place, so I love it when you have the jars on show with things in.”

Showing the camera a framed picture of 27 of the female presenters at ITV Daytime wearing pink, which was taken to mark International Women’s Day last year, Josie says: “This is all the ladies that work at ITV – well not all of them as some were on maternity leave, but how nice is that?”

Walking into the dining room table area, the former Big Brother winner explains: “Everything’s light and airy. These are air plants, they live totally on air.

"I like lots of plants, lots of wood, I’m really happy with it.”

Her living room has what she describes a “natural, Nordic and Ibiza vibe” with a light grey sofa and lots of plants.

Taking us into her blue bedroom with Tess Daly’s bedding range, Josie shares it is peacock inspired.

“I love peacocks. I think they’re the most beautiful bird in the world, so I wanted it all peacock colours and I wanted it to be like a high end hotel room.

She adds: “Georgina helped put all this together, she’s done all this back panelling which I think looks immense.

Josie – who’s currently single – jokes, “This room is where absolutely no magic happens whatsoever!”

She adds: “I’ve got black out curtains, I come here to chill. This is my little space away from Reg!

"Although he does sleep in with me every night, he’s never stayed in his room.”

Reggie’s room has a fun slide bed and a map of the world on the wall. “I like to take Reg places, I like him to be well travelled and to know what else is out there.

"So I’ve got a big map on the wall and we can pin point where we’ve been. He’s been to Mexico, Lapland, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

"He’s a very lucky boy,” Josie says.

Talking about the hanging hot air balloon, Josie mentions Bristol’s annual Balloon Fiesta, an annual festival of hot air ballooning in Bristol.

“I wanted him to have his own hot air balloons to remind him where he’s from,” she says.

His bed, Josie explains, keeps Reggie and his friends “entertained for hours”.

“He can literally slide out of bed in the morning. I’d like an adult version of that!”

Along with her bedroom, another of Josie’s favourite rooms is her dressing room, which has a walk-in wardrobe and light up dressing table.

“My whole life, I’ve wanted a walk in wardrobe and I’ve finally got one. I feel like I’ve finally made it.

“Everything’s in order, everything’s got a place.”

She goes on to show viewers one of her key outfits, which is a Kim Kardashian dress.

“I’m a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS, it’s like wearing pyjamas out.”

Picking up a pair of black heels from the shoe rack, Josie says she bought them soon after coming out of Big Brother.

“I don’t wear them any more because they’re too high.

"I just like them on display!" she laughs.

“All my life I’ve wanted something like this and I’ve finally got it, I’m so happy.”

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