Trinny Woodall was ‘chucked out’ of ‘terrible’ rehab for watching raunchy video

Trinny Woodall advises 'seeking clarity' from an 'old friend'

Trinny Woodall has recalled a time that she was “chucked out” of a rehab centre after being caught watching pornography with a group on the premises.

Reliving the moment in a new episode of Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast, the 59-year-old cringed: “That was a funny one, but not funny in the end. It was a terrible rehab.

“That porno film… it was that sense of ‘Let’s do something funny because we’re having such a s****y time here’, and it backfired and I was chucked out.”

Trinny reflected that she had become vulnerable to a drug habit after struggling with her identity and suffering an “inner lack of confidence”.

“I went through phases in my late teens and early 20s of turning to drugs because of not being happy with who I was, not knowing who I was,” she explained.

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She described her experience in rehab as “shaming”, and elaborated that she felt she’d had to tell her “life story” in a room full of strangers who would then “judge” her for it.

“They did this stuff where they would get 20 people to critique how bad your life had been, in a room,” she cringed.

“Rehabs now are very different but it was a very, very shaming place [at the time].

“It would be closed down now. It didn’t have a very good way of dealing with things,” the TV stylist concluded.

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The Trinny Takeover Show star said she’d “sold what she had” to raise funds for rehab, and had ended up staying for five months.

“Some very tragic things happened in that time, and one of the people died,” she recalled, “and then I went to a halfway house in Weston-super-Mare for seven months, where you kind of live off £8 to £10 a week.”

She was saddened to learn that multiple friends dating back to her old lifestyle had died while she’d been getting clean – and she resolved never to turn back to self-destructive urges.

Trinny, who will be a familiar face to many from her What Not To Wear show, now has a thriving business which is currently valued at £240 million.

Her life has changed dramatically since the old days, when she took cocaine to boost her then severely lacking confidence.

She previously spoke against the claim made in a debate that “addiction is not a disease”, telling Spectator magazine: “It is second nature that addiction is a disease.

“I have a healthy life today by knowing that.”

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