Twitch Streamer's Ex Tries To Kill Her New YouTube Star Boyfriend – But Ends Up Shooting Her! Yet People Say They 'Deserved' It?!

This is completely horrifying!

Two young internet stars are finding themselves shockingly on the defensive after surviving one of the most harrowing ordeals we can imagine.

OK, let’s rewind. Hunter Avallone is a YouTube star with well over a half million subscribers. He mostly makes videos about politics and social issues. He apparently just started dating a Twitch video game streamer named Holle Peno. Holle had, until very recently, had another boyfriend — they apparently broke up about a month ago.

Well, it seems the ex — referred to only as Conrad here — didn’t take the split well. When she left him, Holle outed her ex as an abuser, opening up about how difficult it was to leave. On November 5, she wrote:

“Conrad and I are splitting up after 11 years. I hid a lot of abuse from him throughout that time and made excuses for him, but I feel strong enough now to break free from that cycle.”

She even posted a week ago about how she learned he had “put airtags” on her belongings as she was leaving in order to “track my location.”

It turns out he wasn’t just tracking her. He told her to tell Hunter “I’ll see him soon.”

And it wasn’t an idle threat, unfortunately.

On Friday, December 8, Hunter posted a shocking video to his socials. He and Holle stood outside on the back porch of his Martinsburg, West Virginia apartment after Conrad had gotten into the building. The enraged ex had shot through the door and hit Holle in the leg, and they were hiding as they waited for police to arrive.

Hunter thought to record the incident, which was probably a smart idea for evidence — though that turned out not to be necessary. When the cops showed up, Conrad apparently engaged in a brief firefight — but then took his own life.

The YT star said of the unimaginable incident:

“I’m still trying to process this and I’m most likely in shock as I write this. But only a few hours ago, Holle’s ex boyfriend Conrad showed up at my apartment building with a shotgun. He shot through my building door, injuring Holle’s leg in the process. I recorded the final moments in which we’re hiding on the back porch. You can hear him shoot at police before ultimately taking his own life… in my own f**king apartment hallway. Still trying to process this. Holle and I are physically ok but mentally, this is gonna do some serious damage. Holle has been amazing and she’s been incredibly brave and strong throughout this ordeal.”

In the video, Holle explains he showed up with the gun hidden “under his coat.” Even as they try to explain the situation, you can hear police show up and yell, “show me your hand.” Then gunfire. So so scary.

You can see the graphic and terrifying moments for yourself (below):

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The couple both kept fans posted on what was happening.

Hunter shared an alleged screenshot from Holle’s phone in which she kept texting Conrad during the standoff. The troubled ex begged her to leave her new BF and then said he “should have killed the coward.” That was the man’s final message. Maybe the last thing he said to anyone.

Holle posted while being treated for her gunshot wound:

“I am in the hospital. Conrad showed up to Hunter’s house with a shotgun and shot me in the leg, we are safe now, and Hunter is thankfully unharmed. Conrad was shot dead. Really struggling right now, wtf just happened.”

Then the next day she wrote:

“I am starting to come out of shock. I feel so torn up inside. I loved him for 11 years despite the abuse, and he couldn’t love me enough to let me leave. I am sad, and angry, and sorry, and heartbroken… I am struggling rn. It hurts. I can’t Believe he did that.”

Then on Sunday she posted a tear-filled video message:

Despite the pain, she was already coming to terms with what happened, writing:

“I keep thinking what i could have done differently.. But looking at the situation as if it were a friend and not myself… I took a bullet for someone I love, and I protected them with my life. I was so brave, I did all I could have, it’s not my fault.”

Damn right it wasn’t her fault!

Unfortunately the internet is… well, the internet. And several commenters decided it made sense to side with the gunman and tell the couple they “deserved” it. Yeah, really.

One person wrote there was “obviously another side to the story” the public was “not getting from her.” Sorry, “another side” of the guy breaking into her new man’s home and shooting up the place? Of traumatizing the poor girl for life?? She responded:

“He shot himself in the head, I unfortunately had to see the aftermath of someone shooting themselves in the head with a shotgun to get to the ambulance. It took hazmat people 10 hours to clean it all up. Please stop trying to blame me for this.”

Holle was also accused of being heartless for moving on so quickly after the breakup. She explained she had been gone emotionally for a long time — that she’d been trying to leave for years but never was able “because he would threaten to kill himself every time.” A disgusting abuser tactic.

Multiple people seemed to think Holle and Hunter had done something to “deserve” the attack. An X user wrote to Hunter:

“Honestly you shouldn’t have taunted Conrad, not to say you had this coming but you had this coming.”

And another wrote:

“You taunted him? And then played victim after? They write themselves”

Hunter responded:

“This guy thinks getting into a fight with someone over the phone justifies them trying to shoot you with a f**king shotgun. They write themselves lmao”

Yeah, this is just unhinged. Even if he did fight with the guy, even if he told him he was an abusive jerk who should never talk to Holle again, even if he told him to eff off… And importantly, even if she moved on really quickly — none of that rises to the level of inviting gun violence into your home.

It is NOT either of their faults this man was abusive and dangerous. Even if you think they were being jerks for whatever reason, THE MAN TRIED TO MURDER ONE OR BOTH OF THEM! He very nearly succeeded! If you’re saying that was justified, you need help. Genuinely.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

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