UFC's Sean O'Malley Talks Sex, Weed and Violence, I Love All 3!

Here’s the cheat sheet for our clip with “Suga” Sean O’Malley:

1. He’s got a big orgy planned for when he wins the UFC title

2. He thinks the fact marijuana is still outlawed in MMA is “ridiculous” and “embarrassing”

3. He REALLY wants to fight Cody Garbrandt once he gets past Marlon Vera at UFC 252 next weekend.

First things first … O’Malley is very open about the fact he’s in an open relationship and has been for a while.

So, we asked the 25-year-old if the couple brings in other people to celebrate after a big UFC victory and he told us he’s saving the big group bash for when he becomes the champ.

“Yeah, that’s after a title fight win. That will happen.”

Next, weed … O’Malley is a big proponent of marijuana — both medical and recreational and thinks it’s ridiculous that UFC fighters like Luis Pena and Tim Elliott were just hit with suspensions after testing positive for weed.

“It’s ridiculous that they get suspended for it. It’s embarrassing that’s even a rule. We’re in 2020.”

O’Malley says he knows the rules will eventually change — “it’s got to” — but until then, he’s being smart about his own THC usage.

“For me, I’ve gotta diet, I gotta not be snacking at night so I gotta quit anyway. I can’t fight the munchies, they always win.”

When it comes to life inside the octagon, O’Malley is on fire — with 2 impressive knockouts in a row in 2020.

He’s been trading verbal jabs with Cody Garbrandt — but tells us he’s dead serious about fighting “No Love” if the UFC offers it up.

“It’s a fight that I’m not gonna turn down. If UFC says ‘hey you wanna fight?’, it’s a yes for me.”

O’Malley adds, “I think it’s a good fight for me. It’s a striking battle and I’m a better striker so obviously I’d like that fight.”

But first, O’Malley squares off against Marlon Vera — a 27-year-old from Ecuador who’s won 5 out of his last 6 fights.

Obviously. O’Malley doesn’t lack confidence — telling us he can’t wait to get back in the cage to show everyone why he’s one of the top fighters the world.

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