Ulrika Jonsson slams Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown over cash cow book

Millie Bobby Brown talks weddings on GMA

Ulrika Jonsson has slammed Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown over her use of a ghostwriter on her debut novel.

The 19-year-old’s first tome Nineteen Steps was released last week and saw the star undertake a host of public appearances to promote it and explain how it was inspired by her family’s history.

She attended the launch of the book at the Hackney Empire on Tuesday with her fiancé Jake Bongiovi, who is the son of rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

While her name is the only one appearing on the cover following the launch she took to Instagram to post a photo of herself with her ghostwriter Kathleen McGurl.

She captioned it: “A HUGE thank you to my collaborator – I couldn’t have done this without you!” (sic)

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While Ulrika admitted she looked forward to reading it, she took umbrage the work was being passed off as Millie’s own.

“I think it should be a bit clearer when stars use ghostwriters – in whatever capacity, she wrote in her column in The Sun.

“I have no objection to ghostwriters – it provides a fruitful living for many,” she continued.

“But saying you’ve written a book – Katie Price, Naomi Campbell, to name but a few – is quite, quite different to actually sitting down and formulating the story and the words.

“It just becomes another cash cow – something a sleb slaps his or her name on,” she said.

She went on to point out that she herself has written two books and is currently working on her third.

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Nineteen Steps is based on Millie’s grandmother’s experiences during World War II.

It tells the story of 18-year-old Nellie Morris who lives a quiet life in the tight-knit East End community of Bethnal Green.

Although she looks set to marry air raid warden Billy, the arrival of Ray, a handsome American airman causes her to question everything she thought she knew about her future.

The New York Times gave it a glowing review saying: “You might open Nineteen Steps for the celebrity name, but stick with it for the history of an under-recognized event of World War II, a disaster still not satisfactorily resolved for many.”

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