Video Surfaces Showing Alleged Aftermath of Poop Plane Incident

We’re finally getting a first look at the Delta flight that was covered in crap mid-air — and based on this footage … it looks like a helluva mess.

A video surfaced Tuesday on Twitter that purports to show what was left behind after a passenger experienced explosive diarrhea Friday on a plane that was going from Atlanta to Barcelona — and which had to turn around and land back in America to deal with it.

The clip — posted by a user that goes by “Xansby Swanson” — shows somebody walking down an aisle of the airplane … recording from their phone as they’re exiting/deplaning.

Indeed, they capture all the disgusting doo-doo that was left behind on the floor … and it looks like quite a long trail of liquid feces — which the cabin crew attempted to cover up with paper towels. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough coverage to hide this carnage.

This Twitter user says his little brother was on this plane, and he explains what went down this way … “Pretty much how Ned explained. Haven’t laughed harder than his phone call to me at midnight to explain why he was still in America. He said it was the funniest thing he’s ever experienced.

While it certainly looks like a nightmare for anyone who may have been sitting anywhere near that disaster zone — it sounds like it provided some laughs for folks watching from afar.

Of course, the Delta people themselves certainly took it seriously enough to turn around STAT and get everyone the hell out of there immediately … in fact, the Air Traffic Control audio reveals they were characterizing this as a biohazard in the making.

Unfortunately for everyone involved … this poor bastard’s runs beat ’em to the runway.

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