Can you spot the missing cheeky poo hidden among bog roll and regular icons in this emoji-themed brainteaser? | The Sun

DO you reckon you are elite when it comes to seeing the finer details?

A new fun brainteaser is asking people to find the missing cheeky poop emoji that is hiding in plain sight.

The rascal poop looks the same as its buddies, but has a tiny little tongue poking out.

You’ve got to be eagle-eyed as there are numerous poop emojis in the puzzle.

And to make matters trickier, it’s surrounded by lots of toilet rolls floating around, which is fitting as the brainteaser was created by Andrex.

Do you reckon you have what it takes to find the missing icon?

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If you need a hint, you could try looking at the right hand size of the puzzle.

For those who are still stuck, you can check out the answer below.

If you managed to find it, you can also try spotting the hidden passport that has been concealed among the travel essentials.

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