'Clingy' Kim Kardashian was a total 'fangirl' around Doria Ragland and may be after a Meghan Markle intro, says expert | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has made her first move to infiltrate royal circles while out hobnobbing in Los Angeles, a body language expert has said.

The expert claimed that Kim was pressing herself against the Duchess of Sussex’s mom at a celeb event and it may have set the wheels in motion.

On August 26, Kim, 42, joined Meghan Markle’s mom Doria Ragland, 66, and Kris Jenner, 67, at the This Is About Humanity party in Los Angeles.

At the event, Doria, who is also grandma to Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, was photographed sandwiched between Kris and Kim.

The meetup appeared to be a first for the Skims founder and billionaire Hulu star, who was sporting new bangs.

The lone photograph showed Kim grinning widely. She bent over and hung off Doria’s right arm.

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “Kim crashed the mom pose as she clung to Doria’s arm like a needy child.

“Her knees were bent and her toes were pointed inward.

“She pressed herself close to Doria’s torso.

“Doria’s presence seemed to make Kim fold up physically in a gesture of respect.

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“She grinned knowingly at the camera to reference Doria’s royal ties.

“She threw a teenage-like smile while her cute bangs helped the process out."

James suggested Kim seized the opportunity to cement her friendship with Doria.

She claimed she used body language to gain access to Meghan.

“Kim wanted to look childlike in a bid to encourage affection from Doria," she explained.

“This looked to be a call to Meghan. Of course, Doria could make this introduction to her daughter.

"Kim was also keen to make Doria feel at home in the celebrity setting.

"She knew that if she was being nice to the mom she would eventually get to meet her daughter — Meghan.

"It was Kim's pressing, clinging, grinning gestures that suggested a big desire for this ongoing, future relationship.”

Reacting to Kim’s effort to woo Meghan’s mom, James revealed Doria looked receptive and happy.

“Doria’s response to Kim was to pose in a way that was comfortable, " she added.

"She also matched with Kris Jenner.

“Doria looked happy with the affection from Kim, but her main reciprocal signals were with Kim's mom.”

At the swanky event, Doria, Kris, and Kim mingled with Eva Longoria, Jeff Bezos, and Lauren Sánchez.

Kim showed off a sleek new hairstyle. She teamed it up with a tight black dress, gold accessories, and a Chanel clutch.

Doria wore a pretty orange and yellow paisley dress. Kris donned a white suit.

“This interesting blend of dynasties and high fashion should have been a status-affirming event,” added Judi.

“Kris is the mom to a reality TV dynasty. Doria is the mom to her own US branch of British royals.

“Both women could have claimed the upper ground in terms of body language and power-brokering

“Instead, they chose to pose as equals here.

"Kris and Doria stood side by side and close. They have their arms around one another’s backs.

“Their head tilts suggest a rather youthful, fan-based form of respect for each other.  

“Their smiles are rather sweet and cute.

“Doria even has one leg bent so that her foot is behind her leg in a gesture of status self-diminishing.”

Interestingly Montecito-based Harry and Meghan live several miles from Kim’s luxury Calabasas mansion.

Yoga instructor Doria’s home is in the View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood.

The mom of one first shot to fame during the run-up to Meghan and Harry’s glittering 2018 wedding.

She also spoke out publicly about the couple for the first time in the Harry & Meghan Netflix series.

Interestingly, it was only in April when Kim, Harry, and Meghan attended the same celeb-packed event.

At a basketball game at the Crypto.com Arena, the two royals stayed put in their VIP box.

Kim sat and cheered on the Lakers alone in the front row.

“Doria has been said to prefer to avoid the celebrity circuit and Meghan has probably not met Kim," said James.

“But here Dora is at a charity bash posing in this Kardashian sandwich.

“She does look elegantly delighted to be in Kim and Kris' company.

“Kris and Doria could have claimed the upper ground in terms of body language and power-brokering.

"For Kim, if the moms were friends then the daughters might want to exchange experiences.

“She switched on a totally friendly and warm/welcoming gesture.

"Kim even stepped out of character to do this.

"If she had adopted a more usual pose she might have risked future friendships with Doria and Meghan.

"Kim is famous for her sophisticated goddess poses that are static and elegant.

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“This time around Kim deliberately showed her fun, relatable, spontaneous side.

“Maybe her rather girly bangs helped the vibe as well.”

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