Everyone can see the flowers on the table – but you could have 20/20 vision if you can find the cat in under 15 seconds | The Sun

PEOPLE have been struggling to find out where the cat is in this brainteaser.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a user posted a photo of a dining room, and only people with perfect eyes can spot the cat hiding in plain sight.

X user( @Thereisnocat_) is known for posting photos that have sneaky kittens that most people can't see at first glance.

The account posted a picture of a small room with a table with flowers on top, a lamp, a few curtains, and a cat somewhere hanging around.

Most people who saw the brainteaser struggled to find the kitten in the home.

"For a moment there I was staring at the flowers and wondering if a tiny kitty was in hiding in them somehow!" one user wrote.

"Definitely no cat in this house, because there's a pen resting peacefully at the edge of that table," another person joked.

If you can find the cat within 15 seconds you have perfect vision.

To find the feline faster, look toward the center of the photo.

After you are done with this image, see if you can find the second cat hiding in this brainteaser.

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In this photo, the small cat sitting by a table outside seems like the only thing there, but with quick observation skills, you can see another cat lurking in the picture.

The tricky illusion was posted to Reddit and quickly amassed a wave of support from those who love brainteasers.

One user wrote: "Haha! Delightful when I found it."

Another said: "I loved this one! It's cute, doesn't take forever, and isn't horribly obvious (to me) either."

While others poked fun at how easy finding the first cat was in comparison.

One user said: "Where's the first one? 🤔"

Another added: "It's on the black chair!"

You have 15 seconds to find the second kitty, do you think you can do it?

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