Female truckie hailed a ‘legend’ for greatest comeback to 'threatened' men who tell her to ‘get back in the kitchen’ | The Sun

Blayze Williams is sharing what it’s like to be a female truck driver. 

Driving around Australia, the TikTok star also known as @blayzewilliamsbb takes her 182.3k followers along for the ride. 

And one of her most popular videos was when she answered back to a troll telling her she had no place driving lorries because she’s female. 

Blayze shared the comment she received which told her to “get back in the kitchen”. 

Sitting in her truck, Blayze replied to the troll: “Well mate, I can drive a truck, bobcats – I can drive most things.

“But let me tell you, I can not really cook!



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“So unless you want to live on spaghetti and parmies or something, I think you’d be very disappointed with me in the kitchen. 

“I’ll stick to driving the rigs and how about you make me a sandwich mate?” 

Her video was watched more than 1.7 million times and received thousands of replies. 

PurplePunk73 remarked: “Hahaha you tell him girl!!!” 

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Marten commented: “Lol absolutely hun! I love your attitude.” 

Leoniecowderoy added: “Love this girl! Drive that ri,g you don’t need a Man.” 

Someone with the username @liziebumblebee replied: “You f****** legend bless! haha love it.” 

LelaBish92 wrote: “Damn right! I’m with that and with you hun – you tell them! (sic).” 

Out of the 315,000 registered truck drivers in the UK, only 2,200 are female and only one per cent are HGV drivers according to Blackline Logistics.

And it was Rita Jane who became the first female long-distance lorry driver in the UK back in the 1960s.

As for how much money a HGV driver in the UK makes, the average salary is between £25,000 to £35,000 per year according to ADR Network.

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