Heavily pregnant woman reveals the exact moment her waters broke on camera – it's a surefire way to get labour started | The Sun

A HEAVILY pregnant woman has revealed how the exact moment her waters broke was captured on camera.

The new mum, called Shailene, shared in a video on TikTok that she was playing pickleball when it became clear that her baby was on its way.

Captioning the post, the social media user joked: "Pickleball did it!"

In the clip, she can be seen waiting to be served the ball from across the court.

At one point, Shailene jumps up in order to successfully hit it back with her racket.

However, as soon as she lands, she lets out a gasp, staggers backwards and looks towards her crotch.

A splattering of liquid can be seen having dripped onto the blue court.

When a pregnant woman's waters break, it is the amniotic sac – which cushions the baby – rupturing, signalling the beginning of labour.

Her honest post was well-received by viewers, who left more than 254,000 'likes'.

One person wrote: "This is amazing. Congrats!"

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Shailene jumps and when she lands she lets out a gaspCredit: Tiktok – @shailenealexus
The clip shows liquid dripping on the courtCredit: Tiktok – @shailenealexus

Another commented: "That's hilarious."

A third joked: "So is this what I have to do?? Currently 76 weeks pregnant with twins (or so it feels anyways)."

And a fourth teased: "38 weeks 2 days and feel the need to try this lol."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Why do some people get to be SO PRETTY when they’re pregnant?! I looked like a walrus."

And a sixth added: "I was more shocked at how high you got with that jump…"

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