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HEADING to the gym for date night might sound like most people’s idea of hell – but for some very famous faces, it’s most definitely a reality. 

Take football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and partner Georgina Rodriguez, for instance.  

Earlier this week, the couple – who have been together for seven years and have six children between them – shared a snapshot from inside their couple’s workout. 

Model and businesswoman Georgina, 29, captured the duo in action as they took a break from lifting weights, as Cristiano, 38, stood behind her showcasing his rippling abs. 

And, according to relationship experts, the fitness-obsessed pair could definitely be onto something. 

In fact, the pros suggest that exercising together can be just as romantic – and actually better for your relationship – than stereotypical dates like a candlelit dinner or a cheesy movie at the cinema.

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Psychologist, Sex and Relationships Adviser Barbara Santini explained: “In the sphere of relationships, the adage 'couples who work out together, stay together' offers more than a glimpse into a lifestyle choice – it's a profound statement about the benefits of shared experiences and their ability to cement a partnership.

“Exercising as a couple is a departure from the usual dinner-and-a-movie routine, offering a dynamic space for growth and bonding.

“Workouts demand cooperation, mutual encouragement, and a touch of vulnerability, allowing couples to connect on a fundamentally different level.

“As they navigate through the peaks and valleys of physical exertion, they develop a unique camaraderie.”

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Continuing to tap into the physiological benefits of exercising, including the release of endorphins, she said: “When partners exercise together, they share these benefits, amplifying the positive effects.

“This shared state of euphoria can contribute to a deeper emotional connection, helping to fortify the relationship against stress and external pressures.”

But that's far from the only benefit, as Barbara pointed out.

“Committing to a fitness routine with a partner also embodies the essence of teamwork. It's not merely about the individual anymore; it's about setting collective goals and achieving them side by side,” she said.

“This can translate into other areas of the relationship, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose that can be incredibly strengthening.

“Moreover, working out together can enhance the couple's physical health, which in turn can positively impact their emotional interactions.

“A healthy body often leads to a more positive outlook on life, higher self-esteem, and a greater capacity for joy — all of which can enrich a romantic relationship.”

Workouts demand cooperation, mutual encouragement, and a touch of vulnerability, allowing couples to connect on a fundamentally different level

Psychologist and Relationship Expert Renate Meyer agrees, as she adds: “Exercising together is so good for relationships because it’s about engaging in an activity the couple enjoys and values.

“Exercising helps them make progress toward a goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s also about supporting each other in this activity.

“We are social creatures and some activities are just more fun together. What I’ve noticed is that it’s also easier to stick to a workout routine if you have someone to go with. So, it’s also about motivation.

“From a purely psychological perspective, in times of distress, it’s particularly important to workout as it increases our serotonin levels.

“Research has shown that it helps us to cope more effectively with our problems. Spending time with a loved one by exercising together can be a great way to feel better.”

Here, Fabulous charts the other star couples who enjoy working up a sweat together – and why they are proof that ‘couples who workout together, stay together…’ 


With their matching six packs and toned bodies, actress Michelle Keegan and husband Mark Wright are the poster girl and boy for clean living and working out. 

As shown on their respective social media accounts, the pair regularly exercises together in their state-of-the-art home gym that includes everything from a treadmill to an impressive weights selection. 

And Michelle, 36, and Mark, also 36, are also snapped arriving and leaving their local centre at the same time, presumably helping one another to train.

I could hear him setting up outside and I thought, ‘I’ve literally got no excuse, I’m in the bedroom’

Mark, who runs his own fitness company called Train Wright alongside brother Josh, has also previously put Michelle through her paces with one of his tailor-made HIIT sessions. 

Speaking about how watching her husband work up a sweat in lockdown motivated her to keep moving, Michelle explained: “The fact that he [Mark] would roll out of bed, go into the garden, and I could hear him setting up live outside and I thought, ‘I’ve literally got no excuse, I’m in the bedroom’.” 

“I literally did it there and then – got my gym mat on the floor and I did half an hour HIIT in the bedroom, and it just set me up for the day.”


They’ve been together for over twenty years, with many wondering what the secret to their lasting relationship is. 

According to Kaylee’s theory, Victoria Beckham and husband David’s marital success could be down to the simple fact that they enjoy couple’s workouts. 

Most recently, David, 48, shared a snap of his fashion designer wife and he wearing matching gym wear after finishing a gruelling home training session.


And it seems their pilates power hour definitely did the trick, as the super fit mum-of-four laid down on her mat as if she had struggled to complete it. 

David wrote alongside his picture: “Not that my wife’s dramatic or anything, but this is what happened this morning.”

The 49-year-old, affectionately known as Posh Spice, lovingly hit back as she posted a near identical picture of David face down on the mat taking a breather, as she quipped: “And the Oscar goes to…” 

Move over Sporty Spice…  


Strictly Come Dancing lovebirds fell head over heels for one another back in 2017, but it was their mutual love of fitness that really sealed the deal.

Actress and TV presenter Gemma, 38, and Spanish pro dancer Gorka, 33, are both exercise lovers, whether it’s strength training or circuit training. 

Now the couple – who are proud parents to Mia, four, and baby Thiago – regularly post pictures or videos of them during or post-home workouts. They’ve also released YouTube videos of the two of them leading HIIT sessions together – and Gemma says exercise has made them stronger in every way.

We have a laugh and it's a nice bit of healthy competition when we are exercising

Speaking about how it impacts their relationship, Gemma explained: “What I personally love about working out with Gorks is that he's good at motivating me.

“We both work crazy hours and it's sometimes difficult for us to get a bit of time in together. 

“We have a laugh and it's a nice bit of healthy competition when we are exercising.”

And they haven’t stopped there, as both Gemma and Gorka have passed their love of exercise on to daughter Mia. So much so that they’ve shared social media videos of her taking on mini assault courses they’ve laid out. 

We wouldn’t want to take on this family on school Sports’ Day… 


They’ve starred in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks between them – and now Nikki Sanderson and Anthony Quinlan are a real-life soap super couple.

But it’s not just a shared love of acting that bonded the two – as the pairing are also ridiculously fit and spur each other on to keep going when it comes to exercise. 

Since going public with their romance in 2022 when they exclusively confirmed it to The Sun, Nikki, 39, and Anthony, also 39, have regularly shared images from their joint personal training sessions. 

In one, Anthony – who played Emmerdale’s Pete Barton and Hollyoaks’ Gilly Roach – gave a special shout out to his girlfriend for making him up his game.

She keeps showing me how it’s done

He wrote: “Top partner session with @nikniksanderson down at @fitns_club tonight. She keeps showing me how it’s done and annoyingly looks like she’s ready to go again.” 

Meanwhile, he couldn’t speak more highly of Nikki – best known as Corrie’s Candice Stowe and for her Hollyoaks alter-ego Maxine Minniver.

Speaking about his fitness ventures, the actor said: “She gets it because she’s an actress and also in terms of business because she’s quite keen into health and fitness. 

“She’s mega. I can’t say anymore – I’m just really happy.” 

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