I cannot stand spiders – my 'high and low' spray method keeps them away, I have a cheap secret ingredient | The Sun

ONE bug-fearing woman was ready for battle.

Equipped with her secret spray, pesky pests were no match for her method.

"This is me keeping my garden spider-free – well, keeping inside of the pergola spider-free," said Serena (@mumoffaith).

The spider-fighting soldier held up the spray bottle that held her cheap weapon of choice – peppermint oil.

She also explained that the Peppermint Essential Oil, which can be purchased for $9.99 at Walmart, was mixed with distilled water.

Not taking any chances when it came to creepy crawlies invading her space, she executed her spraying spills everywhere.

"Everywhere gets spritzed, high and low. High and low," she said of her method.

"Literally cannot stand spiders," she emphasized again – even more determined not to miss a spot with her spray.

This mom was protecting her family – and furniture – from the pests.

One follower was also equally fearful of the tiny creatures.

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"Because that’s both of us and these insects, lol," she said.

She also explained how she removes her table lantern every night and hangs it up outside on a tree in order to keep moths away from her enclosed space.

"That will freak me out too," she said.

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