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A SAVVY couple has opened up on their journey to building their dream luxury tiny home out of an old truck. 

Nico and Jona often use their social media channels to speak out about “alternative living” in a bid to inspire people with similar dreams.

In one such clip, they showed off their incredible tiny house truck, explaining: “We bought this used DAF LF 55 from 2012. 

“It’s got four cylinders, 206 horsepower… 

“It’s an automatic with six-gear, a turtle mode, cruise control, a bouncing chair, a lot of hissing sounds, fuel consumption of about 20 litres per 100 kilometres and we bought it with over 600,000 kilometres… which is pretty reasonable for a truck like this… so they said.”

Nico, a filmmaker, explained that neither he nor his other half knew a great deal about vehicles but they knew how they wanted to build their new house.

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They went straight to his marketer partner Jona’s brother, who is a tiny-home architect, who helped them design the interior of the van. 

Once they put the flooring down and ensured it was fully insulated, they bought a couch to line the back of the van and used the bottom of it for storage. 

They then put a home cinema across it to bring the home vibes. 

In the middle section of the van, they built a kitchen which was complete with cabinets, a stove and a small dining room table. 

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“Both of us made the experience that making drawers and cabinets is extremely difficult and it takes a lot of time,” he continued.

“So we opted for the most unoriginal idea of them all – an IKEA kitchen. Well, if it works, it works. And we like the look of it.” 

They even put in a dishwasher after learning that they hate doing the dishes during the day. 

In the front of the van, they placed their bed, which he “finally” fit in. Previously, they had tiny homes where he always struggled with fitting in the bed. 

Nico then addressed the “most asked question” they receive about their decision to live in a tiny home: do they have a toilet? 

The short answer is, yes, they do. They bought a second hand toilet that essentially incinerates their waste. 

It means it doesn’t smell and they only have to clean it out once a week, which he said was a “huge bonus”. 

And when it comes to washing their clothes, they don’t go to a laundromat – instead, they have their own system inside the van. 

The product they bought cost them around £700, but he argued he’d saved money in the long run as there was no need to waste money at the laundromat any longer. 

“We set out to build the ultimate van and I think we came pretty close, but no van build is perfect,” he shared. “And I think we did a pretty good job of it.” 

“But in the end, it shouldn’t be about the van at all, it’s a means to create a lifestyle we are excited about,” he added as the video came to an end. 

People were quick to comment on the YouTube video titled ‘How we built a house out of this truck’ as one person wrote: “That’s honestly one of the nicest conversions I’ve seen in a long time,” followed by a heart eyes emoji.

Another shared: “This is one of the nicest looking conversions I've seen. 


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“It looks far less annoying to live in than most and that's probably due to actually being a proper sofa, kitchen, bed etc.”

While a third added: “One of the first builds I've seen where a proper dishwasher and washing machine were included.  That shower is amazing and the whole layout is superb.” 

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