I finally figured out how to get my laundry dry in one cycle, all you need is a $14 Target buy | The Sun

A TIRELESS pursuer of energy-saving hacks has found her cheapest and simplest yet.

Thanks to a $14 Target buy, she can now get her clothes dry quickly and efficiently.

This bargain purchase has cut her drying time drastically, therefore using less energy.

Since adopting this laundry hack, her clothes have dried in just one cycle.

TikToker Energy Saving Hacks (@energysavinghacks) shared the nifty trick.

She is devoted to finding ways to save power.

“Energy saving tips and products to cut your energy bills," she wrote in her bio.

In this post, she explained her special hack: “Dry wet clothes faster this winter with dryer balls."

“After trying everything under the sun, I finally figured out how to get my clothes to dry in one dryer cycle," she said delightedly.

These were found at a popular store: "I found these dryer balls at Target in the laundry section."

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They were very easy to use too: “All you have to do is toss them in the dryer with your clothes."

"It helps to absorb the excess moisture in your clothes and dry so much faster," she figured.

According to Laurence Smith of In The Wash, these little balls might be magic.

"Dryer balls work by getting between your clothes and separating them, exposing more of your clothes to heat and therefore shortening drying times," he said.

"[They] not only help clothes dry faster, but they pummel your clothes as they spin round, which softens your clothes and helps straighten out creases. The increased airflow reduces static."

There's also an environmental advantage to these rounds of goodness, and not just by saving on energy consumption.

He said: "In comparison to dryer sheets, dryer balls are more environmentally friendly as they are reusable."

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