I found the perfect Christmas dress from H&M… then I turned around and realised my huge wardrobe malfunction | The Sun

WITH Christmas now less than a month away, the deadline to find the perfect festive outfit is fast approaching.

Chloe put in a massive order on H&M, with the hope that she'd find something in the parcel that would be good for Christmas Day.

And while she thought she'd hit the jackpot with a cream, off the shoulder dress, she soon realised there was an epic error with the outfit.

"I would love this dress," she began her TikTok video.

"And I do love this dress, but, I mean, obviously you can see my underwear."

She then turned around and gasped in shock as she exclaimed: "I thought you could just see my underwear.

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"You can literally see everything through this!"

And she was right – her black knickers were completely clear to see beneath the dress.

"I mean, I am in front of a ring light,she acknowledged.

"If this bit was cut off and it was just the top bit – I feel like it makes my shoulders and my collarbones just look really nice.

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"I am gutted that that is so see through.

"I might try the black one."

She went on to try other items in the haul, including a ruched black minidress that she said she would have preferred if it was made of a more "slinky material".

A sparkly, sequinned dress was up next, as Chloe said: "This one I absolutely love. I think we all know that I was gonna love this one.

"It's really, like, nice material on the inside, and it's just perfect Christmas Day cause also it's not clingy."

She went on to try on a pair black trousers and a matching leather-look jacket, which she felt made her look like she was in the movie Grease.

As well as two Christmas-style jumpers – a brown one that looked super cute and a black one she wasn't so keen on.

She concluded the haul with a one-shouldered red dress, but admitted: "If I breathe out, game over.

"This dress is ripping immediately.

"I am gutted because this is a really nice, quality dress but I feel like it's just gonna rip if I pull it down.

"I got this in a size 16 – I need an 18.

"Again, if this was, like, a top, it would be stunning, but I'm gutted."

"Gutted about some of them," Chloe wrote in the caption for the video.

People were quick to comment on the video, with many weighing in on the see-through number.

"That’s the thing with light colour dresses, so annoying!" one wrote.

"Black will be better, not see through, I might have a look myself," another added.

"The white dress is gorgeous on you," a third commented.

"Some nude chafing shorts will make it wearable".

"First dress would look great with nude underwear," someone else agreed.

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