I got an unopened storage unit for £400 & made £2.5k – I found an antique clock, designer perfume & signed boxing glove | The Sun

ABANDONED and unopened storage units are often seen in the US, but did you know you can buy them in the UK too? 

After realising they can be purchased in online auctions, one man set out to get one for himself and managed to quadruple his money as a result. 

Taking to his YouTube channel, Kieran shared the entire process with viewers, including where he found the unit, what was inside and exactly how much he made back from it. 

Kieran Barnett works as a full-time eBay reseller, buying from charity shops, carboots, wholesalers and Facebook Marketplace to make a living. 

He started the clip off by explaining that he’d always wanted to buy a storage unit and finally found one on auction on eBay. 

Flipping the camera to show the live auction, he said: “The unit in question. £172 with six minutes to go. 

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“We’re going to slap a £511.64 bid on it because we’ve found some stuff in there, which would easily cover the cost of this. 

“Hopefully the other bidders haven’t noticed!” 

He posted the bid with just 5 seconds to go and he won the bid, paying £465 in total for it. 

The following day, Kieran travelled to Stockport, Greater Manchester, to go through the contents of the storage unit. 

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Unlocking it, he was faced with a load of bags filled with loot, including a questionable book titled ‘Busty Slag and Nob End’ by Russell Ash. 

He then showed off a framed boxing glove, which had been signed by American professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, who won world titles in five weight classes during his 20-year career. 

Kieran then showed off how much a similar signed glove previously sold for, which was £405 in total.

“That’s what we want,” he said. 

Paying attention to the Howard Miller grandfather clock, he went on: “This clock here should be about £1,500. Wow, we’ve made a little bit of a dent… 

“This clock is about seven foot tall – I didn’t realise how tall it was going to be. Proper cast iron as well.” 

He then showed off the two camp beds, which he said he would get around £40 each. 

There were a few other camping bits in the storage unit, including a sleeping bag and tent, which is worth around £600. 

“Well into profit,” he said, before looking into a washing machine, which he said he would try to sell on Facebook Marketplace for around £100. 

There were also three boxes of DVDs and a few CDs as well alongside some lamps and kitchen appliances – all of which ranged between £10 to £30. 

He also found a box of jewellery, but admitted he had “no idea” what any of it would be worth. 

In another bag, he found two iPods, which he called “a bit of history”. He then found some sun loungers, more tents and books worth £100. 

Kieran then shared: “We just found Gucci Guilty,” and if it had been slightly fuller, he would’ve sold it too. 

And in one box he found a football signed by all the players of Stoke City football club.

“There is a full team signed football from Stoke City,” he said. “Quite easy to find signatures because they’ve got numbers and names.

“So it should be quite easy to identify their date because they’ve been kind enough to leave their shirt number and signature.” 

He also found 17 bags of clothing, which he said would be worth £200. 

Kieran ended the clip by adding: “I do think we’ve got around £3,000 worth of gear in that storage unit.” 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “are you auditioning for storage wars? 🙂 great find that”.



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Another shared: “I was born in Stockport and lived there till recently interesting to see this kind of stuff for sale there”.

While a third added: “Great video. I would love to do this at some point. I kind of do it with auctions anyway but would love to do it with a locker.” 

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