I had filler in my cheeks & chin and it’s ruined my face – I’ve cried so much & feel so ugly – no dissolver has worked | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she jumped on the face filler bandwagon, but feels it has completely “ruined” her face.

Auja Smith said she’s been left in tears and feeling “ugly” after getting injectables in her chin and cheeks.

Over the years, dermal fillers have become all the rage in the beauty industry, with the market worth more than £4billion in 2022, according to data – but there are numerous negative experiences.

On her @alloutpodcast TikTok, Auja shared: “How filler ruined my face and dissolver won’t work.

“Literally cried everyday… covered all my mirrors.

“Dissolver won’t work & i’ve been on steroids & antibiotics for a month. 

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“HELP ;(((((( i’ve decided i’m officially ugly now.”

Auja shared a “before” photo showing her face looking natural before the enhancements.

She then showed herself after getting hyaluronic acid filler added to areas of her face and changing the shape of it dramatically.

While she looked beautiful before and after the treatment, the podcast host was very unhappy with the results.

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Auja shared how she got the filler six months ago, but has had a “delayed allergic reaction” to it.

This has caused her face to swell and in some people’s opinion, look “asymmetrical.”

While she has tried unsuccessfully to have it dissolved, Auja said she’s now looking at other options, including getting it “surgically removed.”

She mournfully added: “i miss my face lol.”

Many people were quick to chime in with support, with one saying: “You’re still so hot but I’m sorry you’re dealing w this.”

Another added: “girl I cry everyday for almost a yr after getting dissolver. I'm so sorry your going through this, sending love.”

Currently there are no laws that prevent anyone from picking up a needle and injecting the faces of Brits with filler. 

The Sun’s Fabulous campaign, Had Our Fill, launched in 2020 in conjunction with Save Face, has detailed dozens of botched cosmetic procedures that are the result of lax rules.

Botox is classed as a prescription-only medicine in the UK, which means it should be prescribed and given to a patient by a qualified prescriber (a medical professional).

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However, it is commonly injected by people without qualifications at a cheap price – and there is a severe lack of monitoring by the Government.

Non-medics and beauty therapists may have only a few days of training.

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