I have invented the best mum hack for picking up Lego & kids beads with no effort & it makes use of pesky odd socks too | The Sun

DO you ever get fed up with your kids' Lego and beads being all over the floor?

A mum has revealed her easy hack for picking it all up in seconds with zero effort and people are hailing it as “brilliant.”

Mum @nataschas.multitalent shared how you simply need a vacuum cleaner and a sock.

In a clip which has racked up over 8,000 likes, she showed how you place the sock over the end of your Hoover.

Carefully hold the sock in place, as you turn the vacuum on and ensure the sock is sucked inside but remains over the end.

Then you simply need to vacuum up all the Lego or beads so that they are safely trapped inside the sock.

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After you turn off the machine, you can tip them back into their box without having spent hours picking each up individually.

The mum wrote: “Your child has gone overboard with the iron-on beads again…here's the ultimate hack for you.”

It also means you’ll never have to step on a painful piece of Lego again.

Many parents were highly impressed with the easy hack, and took to the comments.

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One said: “I don't have a child, but I'm fascinated.”

Another added: “Thanks, I should have known that 10 years ago.”

This follows another mum buying a miniature toy hoover for £80 that sucks up little toys left lying on the floor.

Self-styled “busy mum” LaTreese Atkins shared her purchase on Tik Tok and dubbed it a “game changer”.

She shared a video of how the Lego is effortlessly sucked into the small vacuum – but everyone has the same qualm.

Her comments are full of people suggesting it is probably easier – and free – to pick up the Lego pieces by hand. 

One mum said: “You’re already down on the ground to suck them up. 

“Might as well just grab them and put them in their container. 

“It seems like more work.”

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