I have loose skin, stretch marks and a squishy belly after weight loss, but I’m still beautiful and won’t hear otherwise | The Sun

A SUCCESSFUL weight loss champion has come to love her loose skin and stretch marks.

Even her squishy belly is something to be celebrated, she said, and would not hear otherwise.

She figured they were all are signs of beauty and we should be proud of them.

There was nothing, wrote Mia (@miasophdunn), to be ashamed of.

She has 165,000 followers on her TikTok and her approach to an imperfect body has been widely applauded.

But, across two posts, she remembered how she used to feel before she shed the pounds.

“I came across these photos the other day and I can see the sadness behind the eyes," she said.

But Mia decided to change and made a concerted effort to lose weight.

The effect has been transformative for her.

“I can see the happiness behind them now," she said.

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She was postively blooming after reaching her goal.

In another video, she bared the upper half of her body to demonstrate that she had all the marks of her weight loss journey.

She had loose skin under her arms, a tummy, and stretch marks.

She, however, considered them as signs of her success and journey.

“Darlings. You are so beautiful," she said.

“It only adds to your beauty. You are beautiful.”

Commenters were universally grateful for her message.

“I’m recovering from my eating disorder because of you. I can’t tell you how I love and appreciate you,” was one heartfelt response from a fan.

Another said: “That’s what I think. Stretch marks add to the beauty we already are.”

And this person felt uplifted: “This made me feel so much better about myself because I realize other people also have stretch marks.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are certain risk factors for stretch marks, long considered the bane of women's lives.

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They said: "Anyone can develop stretch marks, but some factors increase your likelihood of getting them.

"These include: being female, having a personal or family history of stretch marks, being pregnant, especially if you're young, rapid growth in adolescence, and rapidly gaining or losing weight."

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