I left a high-stress career to live in a camper – a common RV life mistake I'm 100% guilty of, it can lead to burnout | The Sun

A TRAVELING woman has given up her demanding career in television journalism to live in a camper full-time.

She shared her wisdom and warnings for those wishing to follow her trail.

Rachel (@workinforthewild) filmed herself stepping out of her camper in a video on TikTok.

"When you spend your entire 20s in a high-stress career and quit to live in a camper in your 30s," read the text.

She gave the camera a smile and a thumbs-up at her decision to live in an RV.

In yet another video, she shared her advice for the camper lifestyle.

"Common RV road trip mistakes you should avoid. Part one, number one is driving too much in a single day," she said.

"Now, most avid RV years have some kind of rule about this, whether it's no more than 300 miles in a day, or no more than five hours of driving at a time, or no driving after 5pm," she added.

She said it is imperative to make sure that whoever is driving doesn't feel overworked.

"Driving too much in a single day can lead to burnout stress. Plus, it's just really not fun to set up at a new site in the dark," she said.

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"So just think about that when planning your own RV trip.

"Now if you have to do a really long drive day, totally get it. I have been there. Just try not to do that too often or on consecutive days," she added.

The videos drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Yes good advice, I drove a truck and the stress is terrible," one wrote.

"I learned this real quick," another added. "Now my rule is 300 miles max and always getting to my stop before dark."

"With my job, you don’t have a choice," a third commented. "You have to get to where you’re going as soon as possible."

"We’re eight-hour day drivers. We’re destination people, not lots of days on the road people," yet another wrote.

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