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A MUM has been labelled "disgusting" after revealing the controversial things she and her partner do as parents.

Linzi is a 26-year-old first time mum to a baby daughter, and often finds herself targeted for some of the things she does, or does not do, in her parenting journey.

She took to TikTok to reveal some of the "things we do as parents that not everyone agrees with", kicking off with the fact they moved her into her own room when she was four months old.

"She absolutely loves it and sleeps at least 12 hours every night without interruption," Linzi wrote.

"Absolutely NO DUMMIES!" was the second thing on the list.

"She doesn't rely on any comforters and she found her voice at four months old.

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"She loves chatting away and said her first word (Daddy/Dadda) at five months old."

The third fact was one that caused a lot of backlash in the comments section, as Linzi wrote: "We let the dog lick her and give her kisses. She absolutely loves him.

"They're never left alone but she dotes on him."

Linzi and her other half "didn't do tummy time" until their baby girl was ready, and she didn't wash her clothes before she came – mainly because she gave birth at 35 weeks.

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Sterilising is also something Linzi doesn't consider hugely important, as she said she doesn't sterilise new toys – just gives it a "thorough wash when we get it".

"If we're in a rush and don't have a sterilised bottle, we'll just simply wash it," she added.

They've also "never used a baby bath", choosing instead to bathe her with them, and also started introducing food when she was four-and-a-half months old.

"We let her try everything and she now has such a good palate," Linzi added.

"These are just our preferences," she wrote in the caption.

"I understand not everyone will agree but this is what works for us."

As predicted, people were quick to comment on the video, with many criticising Linzi for her parenting style.

"Some of these things are just dangerous," one wrote.

"Honestly some of these are absolutely fine but others are safe guarding concerns," another said.

To which Linzi hit back: "It is most definitely not a safeguarding concern, I work in childcare and she is not at any risk of safeguarding."

"Why wouldn't you want to do everything you can to keep something so precious safe" a third questioned.

"I don't get it -nothing's worth the risk. There's reasons for the advice/rules."

"The dog licks her face?" someone else asked.

With Linzi responding: "We try not to but occasionally he does, it doesn’t hurt her but some things can’t be avoided."

"The dog thing is just disgusting sorry!! I’m a dog lover but absolutely not," another insisted.

"You should see how much dirt and bacteria a dog had on its tongue," someone else said.

"Please don’t allow them to lick/kiss her – she’s beautiful!"

Others were more accepting of Linzi's choices, with one writing: "You will have a happy independent girl who will rarely be sick… did all this with my four!!"

"Thank you! She’s thriving," Linzi replied.

"Think I did all of those," another said. "Well done you, too much emphasis put on all these you must do this and that nonsense."

"Girl you're her mother you do what you think is right for her," a third said.

"Ignore everyone else's opinions."

"Looks a happy healthy baby," someone else added.

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"I say well done for sharing your way even though you know the internet mams will be out in force."

"Haha, of course they will, but I will never take it to heart, I know my baby’s safe, healthy and loved," Linzi concluded.

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