I live in a tiny house – my easy cutting board hack makes extra counter space in the kitchen | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has found clever ways of working with the limited living space of her tiny home.

This included a customized cutting board hack that gave her extra counter space in her kitchen.

Lalavilla's (@lalavilla_) experience of living in her pocket home has made her well-placed to share her tips for tiny living.

She has learned storage – and adaptability – is key.

In her post, she came up with a genius solution for her limited preparation area.

“Get a cutting board that fits over your sink for extra counter space," she said.

This simple device slid across the sink, immediately doubling her chopping and dicing area.

Next, she strongly urged tiny homeowners to get a supply of Command hooks in.

“Make sure you keep Command Hooks and Command Strips on your tiny house prep list. You’ll use them a lot.”

She used hers to support her cell phone for "hands-free viewing while lying down."

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Battery-operated lights were a must too, she said, as were shelves in her cramped shower space.

“Shower shelves from Amazon. They stick to the wall and then have little tabs for when you’re ready to remove them."

Not enough space to hide things away will always be an issue in a small home so she suggested: “Get anything that’ll help keep your tiny space organized."

This included "storage cubes to organize all your clothing."

And in the kitchen, she used spice storage racks from Walmart and in her packed fridge, she used "Lazy Susans and storage baskets."

One commenter was impressed: “That’s amazing."

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