I live on a cruise ship for free – I can use the spa, eat for free and have all the treatments I want, there is a catch | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the unusual reason why she is able to enjoy being on a cruise ship without spending a penny.

The TikTok user, called Christine, revealed in a video how she can stay and eat on board for free.

In a post, the woman explained that her husband is staff chief engineer on board the vessel.

She said: "I sail as wife on board. I sail with him for free, I eat for free, and I live on the ship with him."

Revealing the lengthy stints on board, Christine noted: "It is day 23 of 77 of living on a cruise ship."

She then shared with viewers some of things she "can and cannot" do on the ship.

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The lucky social media user noted: "I can do almost everything that the crew can do, and almost everything that guests can do – except for a few things."

For example, she is not allowed to gamble while on board, and she has to wait an hour after the guests get off the ship at the ports before she can follow.

However, Christine can use the gym, spa, pool and other guest amenities – although she gives up her spot to guests if it's busy.

Her post was popular with viewers who left more than 727,000 'likes', with many revealing they were envious of her situation.

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Social media users admitted they were envious of her set-upCredit: Tiktok/@dutchworld_americangirl

One person joked: "Calling all cruise ship engineers… I'm single and ready to be a wife on board."

Another teased: "Ok can you explain how to marry a cruise ship engineer?"

A third sighed: "My husband has the wrong job."

And a forth added: "I need 'wife on board' to be my job. How do I go about this?"

This prompted Christine to reveal that she does have her own job, and works remotely on the ship.

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