I live on the third floor with no AC and it’s 100 degrees out – I have a creative solution to cool my kids off | The Sun

A MOM of five has come up with a creative solution to cool her kids off in sweltering conditions.

Living on the third floor with no AC while outside temperatures soared to 100 degrees, this lady had few options available to her.

But she kept a cool head and dreamed up a way of making some fun for her children while combatting the heat.

Her efforts were applauded by her TikTok followers.

They said her chill remedy was also creating memories that her brood will never forget.

One commenter typified the feelings of many others when they said: “This is one of those things that they will randomly remember when they’re older and laugh.”

Tawatha Conley (@mommytransformer) is a busy mom from Chicago and has 100,000 followers on her platform.

Her good-natured post, however, has attracted a whole lot of love with over 47,000 likes and many comments admiring her skills as a mom.

“When it’s 100 degrees, you live on the third floor with no hose and no AC," she said with a smile.

“But you got to cool your babies off."

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She held a large plastic container of water and leaned out of the open window.

Tawatha then promptly poured the water over the four delighted children waiting expectedly below.

Between them, they held a larger tub in the hope of catching some water.

“There are no rules in this house. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom," said a voiceover to her video.

Commenters certainly vouched for that sentiment.

“The best memories are always made out of creativity," said one person.

“Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. They are cool and happy,” said a second.

A third person was full of admiration: “This right here is a mother at her finest. Will literally do anything for her babies to be safe and to have fun.”

While a fourth said memories are made of this: “It’’s hard now but those babies will look back on it as the best times of their lives."

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