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WITH winter in full swing, rising heating costs are at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

But one woman has shared how she manages to live without switching the heating on in the morning thanks to a clever blanket hack. 

Social media’s Duchess of Thrift, aka @duchessofthrift, is well-known for sharing money-saving tips and tricks. 

And her latest one to help fight the cost of living crisis was to invest in an electric blanket for the cold season – but not just to sleep with.  

Duchess of Thrift explained: “It’s definitely got a little bit colder, so I’m going to share my top eight tips for getting started on the cold mornings without putting your central heating on.”

She began: “Start by setting the alarm for half an hour earlier than you need to. Stay in bed and turn your electric blanket up to 3.

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“After half an hour with the electric blanket on, you’ll be so warm that you’ll want to get out of bed.”

And that’s just the start of the blanket’s magic. 

The mum continued: “While you’re lying in bed for half an hour, put your jumper in the bed so that’s warmed up.”

This means that as soon as you step out into the cold, you can put a warm jumper on and start to feel toasty and warm. 

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The social media influencer also shared how the electric blanket was a good source of heating other clothes.

She added: “Then, when you go to get your cup of tea and have your morning wee, put your clothes in the bed.

“You can turn the electric blanket off but they will get nice and warm.

“I will be putting warm clothes on that have been in my warm bed.” 

The Duchess of Thrift also suggested using a miniature heater for a quick five minute blast while getting ready. 

Moving on to the next part of the hack, she said that the blanket also comes in handy while she works.

She explained: “I work at home all day and I have no heating.

“I put my plug-in heated blanket on my office chair, but I sit on top of it. Sitting on top of it feels warmer than having it over me.

“Then I’ll also put a blanket on my lap.”

I work at home all day and I have no heating

And for those worried about the price of heating the blanket, the social media user assured them: “The blanket that I’m sat on costs about 1.5p an hour to run.

“And because I’m sat on it, all the heat rises up through my body and the [additional] blanket traps it in so it’s really warm.” 

The Duchess of Thrift then rounded off her video by sharing one more hot tip with her 41k followers.

She concluded: “Then, finally, [I wear] these wrist warmers.

“I know you can get electrical gizmos and everything like that, and I did try them last year but they were rubbish.

“These are from The Nearly New Cashmere Company and they’re made out of old, recycled jumpers.

“So if you’ve got any holey, old jumpers, what they’ve done is make a hole in the seam for your hands and just hemmed it back – you can make those out of old jumpers.”

She added: “Your hands get so cold working at home, and typing, but [with these] you can still make a cup of tea, or cook the tea, wearing those.

“They are an absolute Godsend.”

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