I lost 22 lbs – my low-calorie diet includes Nutella, fries, and cookies and I still drop 1-2 lbs a week | The Sun

STAYING disciplined when following a diet can be a challenge when most of your favorite foods are off-limits.

But one woman has revealed that she was able to transform her physique while still indulging in chocolate spread, burgers, and cookies.

Kendra (@eatwithkendra) has been steadily losing weight over the past year by carefully tracking her calorie intake.

She has garnered over 61,000 followers on TikTok with posts documenting her daily meals. 

The foodie took to the social media platform revealing that she had shed over 22 pounds while still enjoying her favorite dishes.

Sharing how she lost 13 pounds in just three months, she uploaded a day of eating which totaled 1,405 calories. 

Kendra said: “Here’s what I eat in a day in a calorie deficit.

“This morning I had two slices of toast with Nutella and topped with banana. 

“This was so good, I love it when the Nutella has kind of melted on the toast it's so yum.

“Then I had these mini cookies.

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“And then for lunch, I made a McDonald’s mayo chicken fakeaway with a side of fries. I actually can’t believe this came up to 470 calories.

“In the afternoon I had coconut Weetabix sweetened with caramel zero-calorie syrup.

“I also had a small bag of popcorn.”

The Nutella banana toast totaled 265 calories, followed by Maryland’s mini cookies which were 100 calories.

Having eaten almost 500 calories at lunchtime Kendra then ate a bag of popcorn which was 66 calories.

She finished the day with a homemade ham and cheese toastie which was 335 calories.

She said: “I love ham and cheese anything and I was craving a toastie so I made this for dinner.

“Look at the cheese it’s so good.”

Kendra captioned the post: “What I eat in a day to lose weight.”

She included the hashtags #weightlossfood and #lowcalorierecipeideas.

Kendra said: “I’m losing around one to two pounds a week but my weight fluctuates a lot.”

The post went viral with over 46,000 likes and a flood of comments from people who were surprised that she was able to keep her calories so low.

One person wrote: “Wow that’s a rather high deficit. What’s your maintenance?”

Another commented: “Add protein at breakfast… you will feel less hungry throughout the day.”

A third said: “This is just what I needed to see tonight! Thanks so much.”


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A fourth wrote: “Thank God finally someone who has the same taste as me while being in deficit.”

Another added: “Now this I can stick to! Can’t wait to look at more of your videos.”

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